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  1. I've read on this site that the Higashiyama gondola is not functioning for the duration of this season due to age. Is this the Prince gondola commencing from the Prince Higoshiyama Hotel that they are talking about? I'm booked in there for next week and would not be too happy if I had to catch a shuttle bus to ski every morning (especially after paying a premium for ski in/ski out). Any information would be appreciated.
  2. It might not be en extreme mountain, but what I really want to know is whether all 4 resorts are linked from the top of the mountain?
  3. Hi Folks Heading to Niseko in January for the first time and staying at the Higashiyama Prince Hotel. Was wondering how well the 4 resorts are linked via the ski lifts/gondolas. Are all 4 resorts reachable from the top of the mountain, and if so, what degree of difficulty is there? I'm going with the wife whom doesn't like to push it (on the mountain that is). Is it a safer bet to catch the bus between resorts, or will my hesitant wife be able to handle it at the peak? Cheers BTW Is night skiing worth a go or just a toss?
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