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  1. The pick of my bunch: Arctic Monkeys Faithless DJ Shadow Peaches David Guetta Evil Nine Red Hot Chili Peppers Kings of Leon The Good, The Bad and the Queen The Rapture Regina Spektor Ozomatli Rage Against the Machine (Re-united, 1 show only!!) Air The Roots Crowded House (Re-united!) Kaiser Chiefs Lily Allen Jose Gonzalez Lupe Fiasco The Kooks Willie Nelson
  2. JUST IN: Jurassic 5 are breaking up after this tour....FOREVER! This will be your last opportunity to see them live! I really have to go but am having trouble finding tickets...I've been told you can get tickets from Lawson and 711...should I try there? Also, Hakuba to Nagoya is JR...but will I defintely be able to use a JR EAST pass to get there? I'm not sure nagoya is located within the east boundaries?
  3. A decent lineup.... nothing incredible though. I'm going to Coachella music & arts festival in April. Line up: Bjork Interpol the Jesus and Mary Chain Arctic Monkeys Jarvis Cocker Sonic Youth Faithless DJ Shadow Peeping Tom Brazilian Girls Peaches Felix Da Housecat Rufus Wainwright Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong Nickel Creek Digitalism Tokyo Police Club Comedians of Comedy El-P Julieta Venegas Gogol Bordello Benny Benassi Circa Survive Silversun Pickups Gillian Welch Tilly and the Wall David Guetta
  4. haha nice... I did that line the other day... pretty intense. Definitely needed more snow though, almost scraped my board on the road.
  5. Do you have a link? Might have been one of my friends. They were getting a bit loose the other night... From my observations, there is about 3000 less aussies in haks compared with what I saw this time last year in Niseko. I think there's more americans here.
  6. I predict it will snow in Tokyo on Thursday night. You heard it here first
  7. How many people actually get away with dodging lift tickets? I'd be surprised if it was anywhere near 2% of mountain users. Not exactly a huge issue mate. I don't think it's sending mountains bankrupt...do you? Someone's jealous...
  8. Hakuba-Nagoya is JR east? Well then i'm down brother, fooow suuuure!! 'Let's take it back to the concrete streets, orginal beats and real live MC's, playground tactics, no rabbit-in-a-hat tricks, just that classic rap sh*t from Jurassic!'
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Mantas: TTT go back through the scenarios of the collisions and imagine what might have happened if you were doing some slow controlled turns with cautious attitude and the eyes of a blowfly. As mantas pointed out, control is integral to avoiding collisions. If you're in control it doesn't matter what anyone else does around you, because you will always be able to either stop or avoid them somehow, regardless of the conditions. This may mean going slower in low visibility or crowded conditions.
  10. yehhhh, just in time too! See you all on Thursday afternoon.
  11. But then again, sometimes less can be more....if you know what I mean.
  12. MH, yeh i was hoping to hit the tokyo show but we leave that day unfortunately. Thanks for your help people. It's a shame I can't use my JR rail pass to go to Nagoya, but if the snow isn't looking great around the time of the concert i think i'll fork out the extra and go catch a good show. Just bought tickets to Coachella music festival in California (www.coachella.com) so i'm not too fussed anymore. Plus I have to save for that now anyway...but well worth it. Take a look at the lineup, it's pretty amazing.
  13. Jurassic 5, one the most original and unique hip-hop groups going around is coming to Japan. They will be playing a show in Osaka followed by a show in Nagoya and then Tokyo. I am planning to go to the Nagoya show on the 21st of February. Is anyone else thinking of going? Just a few questions: Has anyone been to Diamond Hall, Nagoya before? Is it a good venue? Does anyone know a website where I could buy tickets to this concert? Is it true that you can catch a train from Hakuba station to Nagoya and it will only take about 4-4.5 hours? Any advice or suggestions w
  14. Sweet, thanks again. Will definitely consider places like Cortina(?), Tsugaike and Aokika when there's some dumpage and crowds appear likely.
  15. Thanks for that skidaisuki... How much is a skyline ticket from narita to Ueno? Might be easier to just get the N'ex if it's gonna cost more. I am changing bulk cash before I leave though i'll get my less prepared (and stubborn) mates to get cashed up at the ATM before we jump the train (otherwise they'll be bumming off me all the way to the snow). Anyway thanks mate
  16. I saw Babel tonight. It was incredible, one of the most amazing movies i've ever seen. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM. I particularly liked the parts set in Japan....all the characters were magnificent and the plot was so well contructed. I want to see it again!
  17. Great advice there mate, thanks! I particularly like the sound of a free pass for a few hours in the arvo. Offer them 1200 Yen and no-one could possibl refuse, they are making 200yen for nothing!
  18. Awesome thanks tim.... We just bought our JR east 4 day flexi passes here for about $260 aussie which sounds a little more expensive but at least will avoid a bit of hassle when we get there. Since we have the pass, the simple fast route on the shinkansen seems most appropriate but it's good to know the other options anyway. We arrive early morning so may even get a few arvo turns in if we're lucky! Looking forward to riding the skinkansen too... Anyway thanks again.
  19. I am in a similar position, coming to hakuba in a week. So I understand that the fastest way to hakuba from Narita airport would be: Narita -> Tokyo Station (~1 hour) Tokyo Station -> Nagano (~90 minutes) Nagano -> Hakuba (~1 hour) Total travel time ~ 4 - 4.5 hrs allowing for changeovers/ timetable discrepancies. Does this sound right to you guys? Appreciate your help, I know you answer these questions over and over and over....etc so thanks.
  20. Interesting concept...no bindings. Would be fun, and certainly not easy. However I question the entertainment value of watching noboarding. It looks like amateur snowboarding to me. It's not like you see close-ups of their boards, so you can hardly tell they don't have any bindings. When i see them doing hang tens and shuv-its i'll be impressed. Until then give me snowboarding with bindings vids anyday. I can appreciate the difficulty of noboarding, but I simply didn't find that video clip exciting. The scenary and filming was excellent though.
  21. let's not get into the toilet humour here.... But with regards to snow, i'd say dumping doesn't refer to the accumulated quantity of a snowfall but rather it is in reference to the rate of actual snow fall. Ie there are many fat snowflakes and it goes on for quite a while. On the flipside, if you wake up and say 'man it dumped last night, look outside' then this would be more directed at snow quantity. To which i'd agree 20-30cm is a dump.
  22. Thanks TJ. I forgot reggae...i like reggae. i'm buffalo soldier.
  23. i never lock up my board. That's cruel. It should be allowed to roam free and sniff other boards butts.
  24. Which bar plays the best music? I'm easy, but I really dislike top40, some RnB and electro-pop. A lot of the hirafu bars i went to had appalling music tastes even though the DJs were amusing!) I like (in no particular order): hip-hop (eg Jurassic 5), classic rock (eg led zepp), modern rock (eg Pearl Jam), breaks (eg The Freestylers), drum n bass (eg Pendulum), house (eg Mark Farina)
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