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  1. Damn, what a buttplug. Both of these people would have gotten fuc*ed up where I come from. If I lived in that neighborhood I would have gotten into trouble and prolly be back in the states after they pull my visa.
  2. SR, this is an updated video that was out before. Heres an article from PM debunking all of these "facts". http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/defense/1227842.html?page=1&c=y Ofcourse I don't really believe this either. I def. believe that there was some foul play here.
  3. fukdane, these shows are totally random. They are on channels 4 or 8, usually late night. Actually the top hosts make up to 10,000,000 a month. God dayum
  4. Damn, that's funny. I've always thought the Korean language had more phonetic sounds than English, so pronunciation was relatively easy for them but...
  5. 2PM, not all hosts make that much, but some get waaaaaayyy more than that The hair could be a problem. Well, from what I understand hosts just cheer up the ladies to make them feel better about themselves. Then the girls can pay an extra fee to "take-out" dude. It's crazy, these women spend griploads of cash on one night. You gotta see one of those TV shows, they are on all the time. Shinjuku is really popular for the host scene.
  6. Anybody ever see these shows about hosts? WTF? I don't understand how these dudes get payed like 1,500,000 yen plus a month for getting all fu*ked up and spittin lame ass game to cute girls. How do I get a job like that? Thinking about opening an English school with full wet bars in the classrooms, and a foldout sofa/bed. How sick would that be? Where's my buisness partner? More importantly wheres my students?
  7. Interesting read. http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn8155
  8. Interesting. That's cool how they came in a matching bag and all. Maybe she always wanted to get piped by a foreigner, and dudes letting her go through with it. I would def. investigate to see whats up cause he must have known what it was, or he would have been like WTF is that?
  9. Frannyo, I didn't work for Phish. I just followed them around the states for a few years. Sold grilled cheese, veggie buritos, rasta pasta, and beer in the lot to finance these tours. I like to record live music, and have about 650 live Phish shows. Just can't get enough. Came to Japan just before Phish came to play Fuji rock and never left.
  10. Ofcourse! The American Gov. doesn't even follow the amendments, how is anyone to know? They're so vague that anyone can manipulate them into anything they want. Since the Patriot act the constitution has pretty much been thrown out the window.
  11. Nicole, really the worms will work wonders and eventually pay for themselves. You could also check out the WORMTOPIA by Sunleaves.I believe it's a bit smaller, but still pretty big. Two books to check out would be "The worm book" and "Worms eat my garbage". I can't wait to get a house to setup a garden, Pops always had a greenhouse growin up.
  12. I'm into them a bit. That was my job 96'- 98'. Swingin heady garlic grilled cheese in the lot, then Blueberry pancakes at the campground in the morning. " Can I interest you in an ice cold Sammy or Newcastle to wash it down on this beautiful morning?"
  13. This games hilarious. Check it out. http://www.quailhuntingschool.com/flash.php
  14. Thats easy, I'd use: 01. Phish PYITE 1995-12-31 02. Phish Bathtub Gin 1998-07-28 03. Phish YEM 1994-04-20 04. Phish Antelope 1998-04-03 05. Phish Slave 1993-08-20 06. Phish Guyute 1994-12-29 07. Phish NICU 1996-08-16 Thats all that will fit. Shall I round up a disc 2?
  15. I would think as long as you have a sponsor (job) that you would be able to get the visa. I had an American friend do just that with a fake BA that a friend of his made. The school just took care of it. They were some shady ass characters though, I worked at the same school for like a week. Since the school said it could be done, they would prolly take care of it. I heard that you can't just leave for a day and come back anymore. I heard that you have to leave for like 3 mths. or so, but I don't know if that's true. Hopefully you won't have to worry about it.
  16. I believe it's a Polish Vodka. I haven't seen it in awhile, ofcourse I haven't really been looking for it. I used to go to a skatepark in Yokosuka near the US Navy base. That's the only place I've seen it in a bar, go figure. Like #9 the only time I drank it I had hot flashes immediately and it came right up. The tinctures will fu*k ya up with just a couple drops
  17. Sweet ATL!!, we may have been to some of the same shows here in Japan. My first show was in Honolulu, Jerry Garcia Band way back when I was still pickin my nose till it bled. BTW, love that sig., thats my favorite quote from Tangerine. Reminds me of that guy ?Abu? from the quickymart on Simpsons.
  18. Ah, this threads making my stomach turn. Anybody drink spyritus before? It's like 900 yen a bottle and 96%. Terrible stuff as you can imagine. Alot of locals make tictures with it. I guess you could also make Molotov cocktails.
  19. Quote: Originally posted by nicole: CB you saw Spin Doctors? I loved them when I was 13. Spin Doctors used to fu*k it up before they got caught up. They're a pretty good live band. That is one sick ass list of shows there CB, I guess that's Athens. What a great place to go to school.
  20. I use "indeed" to confirm something. like if Mrs. JPchucky says "Did you take the trash out?" I say " I did, indeed." I don't speak a word of british. To say "Thanks very much, indeed" sounds a bit strange to me unless he said "thank you" and then you said "really" and then he said " thanks very much, indeed" Might want to check here: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=indeed I think it's pretty polite. I would just say "yeah"
  21. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: Bad table manners? in whose book? Yes from a westerners point it is, and it annoyed me little at first, though not to the point I'd say that it was stupid. I can't see any right way to eat ramen or udon with out sucking them up. I don't make a huge noise, and most people I know don't either, maybe you are hanging out at otaku slurping spots? as for the fingers i originally wrote asian eating styles in my reply but I must have erased it while I was editing my post. My mistake. Slurping udon or ramen in Japan, Eating with fingers in Indonesia..
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