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  1. Surely a win in his position would have the result of him "keeping his job". Yes, let's go for that.
  2. That would be good. Have you ever used them or know someone who has, montoya?
  3. Whats the general feeling now then - that if there had been no earthquake, numbers might have held steady or even (shock horror).. rise?
  4. I've been away for a while and come back to this. Is Big Hair Man going to win??
  5. Apart from the balls part, it sounds good. cheeseman - where do you get your cheeses from here in Japan? Care to share any secrets?
  6. I decided to give it to charity and that is just what I have done. The 100 yen was tempting but I thought I would do something for someone less lucky.
  7. Well I have now seen some of this and it is poor. I didn't like it at all, when I loved the original UK one. It just doesn't work the same even though they seem to have gone for recreating The Office. Bad idea.
  8. I'll be keeping all this in mind today and this weekend.
  9. Can't trust those apple computers. Windows is far more stable.
  10. I've worked out I probably will have spend about 150,000 yen on my winter sports hobby this winter by the time I've finished. I'm interested to know about other people.
  11. Hey I'm not up on all the details with this, but (dare I ask )... is Horie's actions and way of doing things always in the right??
  12. Sounds nice, the one I'm getting is much less powerful than that but good enough for what I need it for.... just under 100,000 yen as well.
  13. Hey I am also getting a new pc soon (not quite the beast that is being discussed in that other thread), but I'm interested to know what other people do with their old pcs. Yamada are offering 100 yen to take my old one (yes, ONE HUNDRED!). I'd like to know of (much!) better alternatives.
  14. Quick get isthatyourwife.com it's still available. I remember a friend a while back bought tons of sex-related domain names. I don't think anyone has asked him to buy f%$kmyae.com yet.
  15. Carell is funny, I really like him. Gareth is in Pirates of the Caribbean as well, looking like Gareth with a funny eye.
  16. The snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro has melted away to reveal the tip of the African peak for the first time in 11,000 years. The glaciers and snow which kept the summit white have almost completely disappeared. Although scientists had predicted the melt would happen, it is 15 years sooner than they had predicted.
  17. I just read an interesting article in an overseas magazine. The question: --So what does "a 90% chance of rain" really mean? The answer, from an expert forecaster: There is no simple answer. It means that out of every 100 such forecasts, rain will actually fall on about 90 of them. He adds however that the figure also indicates the degree of confidence the Met Office has in it's forecast, with 90% indicating pretty confident. To make it more fun, the guy recommends treating such weather forecasts as you would traffic lights. Probabilities over 70% are "red", between 50-70% ar
  18. Little kids look so cute doing the ski and board thing.
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