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  1. give him a break he just left Japan. and it seems he can find snow in canada as well.
  2. I didn't see many ropes when I was in furano and also didn't see any ski patrol. I really enjoyed the view from the summit. But if you want bc go to skilinks (close to furano)
  3. ClubMed is great if you are with a large group (but then any place would be perfect) or with kids. The GO creatures can be annoying (all smiles and being happy and cheerful), but I'd like to go back when my daughter is old enough to enter the kids club.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Motherhucker: Quote: Originally posted by rach: It should be banned from the world. As should marmite and other evil "food". Well said. absolutely. Finally a good reason to visit the US. The vegemite free country
  5. Seb Michaud, Arno Adam, Guerlain Chicherit and that Swiss dude (forgot his name, so probably not admirable enough)
  6. Technically it isn't Avoriaz, it isn't even in france. It is Champery and in switzerland. But it is all part of Les Portes du Soleil. The ridge line it the border between France and Switzerland. Le Mur de Avoriaz is supposed to one of the steepest controlled/slopes in Europe. Most of the bowl has a gradient of 40 degrees. and it is a moguls fiels with huge moguls, but the most difficult thing is to work your way around all the people and their gear that are littering the slope.
  7. length obviously is important and there are some general rules as described above. According to some "experts" your pole length should be 63% of your body length! But some people like longer/shorter poles (I used 130 for slalom and 112 for moguls now I settle for 125 or 120 depending on conditions). Weight might be a consideration. Another variable is swing weight. This is important for mogulskiers who need rapid poleplanting to keep up with their pivot (straight) turns. Swing weight ratios are better with carbon shafts and tiny baskets. A 4th variable is breaking/bending. Carbo
  8. Bunaken north Sulawesi. No nesting turttles but but plenty of sealife.
  9. That you know it will get better. I was just making a list with my ups and down during my time spent in Japan. On the down was being in Japan during July was my number 1.
  10. In a few hours my internet connection will be terminated. So no daily dose of SJ for a while . Best wishes for the summer to all. I will be back in the fall.
  11. maybe he is looking for long runs in vertical and not so much steep. But even then there must be better options around in Japan.
  12. They should ban players for life doing stuff like that. It is ruining the game + ruining the reputation of the sport.
  13. There are some new and better models coming from Ortovox and Barryvox. They showed some impressive technical leaps at some seminars during last season. don't know how that compares to Pieps. We are still waiting for an answer from Tracker. I think it is not so much good marketing from Tracker but very poor marketing from others. Pieps has been around for ages. In fact we call avalanche transievers "Lawine pieps", but they really lost contact with the complete market staying focused on the safety driven bc/randonnee market and missing out on the "fun users". This is where Tracker came in b
  14. I only saw the last 15 minutes and I liked it a lot better then Portugal previous 2 games. At least they were playing. Based on these 15 minutes and a discutable penalty I'd say France wasn't the better team. But it is better to have 10 men and a clown in the final than Portugal. Imagine France having a good goalie they would be very, very hard to beat.
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: [Hang on, don't the kiwis spend all year with only the sheep to "talk" to, but they are an extremely friendly bunch! Maybe cows don't provide as nice "conversation" as sheep... [/QB] Kiwis have been doing that for about 100 years. We are talking here about more than 1000 years degeneration or it might just be the result of inbreeding during long winters cut off from the rest of civilization. Serious, I haven't got a clue but somehow the Swiss I have met in the hospitality business seem to think that you should feel very priviliged that you can stay with t
  16. One Note is a nice programme for note taking but personally I think it really works in combination with a tabletPC. Then you can scribble some notes. If it really for post-it like notes on your desktop then there are some freeware programmes that exactly do that. I had it before but never used it and tossed it out of my pc.
  17. You also beat any other European by shere ugliness. (except 1 or 2 nice villages, like Briancon or Chamonix) In France it is more a laissez-faire policy where the locals just don't care what you are up to (that makes skiing in France so great) and they start to understand that a simple smile now and then brings in cash. In Switzerland they care but not in an friendly way and you pay a lot more for this 'service'. What can you expect after sitting high on a mountain 6 months a year with only your cows to talk to. Austria is a bit less scenic than Switzerland but the people tend
  18. You took to long to decide whether you wanted them or not. They are gone.
  19. They are not stiff even with the rivet compared to most other boots. But my deadline is Thursday, after that I probably won't have time to send it anywhere.
  20. I have a friend called Anemie. Pronounced in English it sounds like enemy.
  21. Portugal would be a undeserved World Champion (if they win), because they aren't playing good football. They are very good in breaking and frustrating the opponents play. This is a interesting strategy to win, but not good enough for a world champion. It seems that most players went to a drama acting and learned a lot there.
  22. Never considered it until recently, I only watch Skyperfect and sofar noone complained about me not handing over the fee. 24000 yen a year is quite a lot of money for a service I don't use at all.
  23. seems like a replay of Netherlands - Portugal. Same type of game same end result.
  24. I see your point. And I see my impossible typos misspellings and some more language wrestling.
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