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  1. Fattwins,level 1 C.A.A. Part way into my level 2. I would love to come down and do some time with you guys. Niseko is breeding alot of "slackcountry skiers" the funny thing is i reckon 99% of them wear tranceivers as fashion items, u look hardcore in the lunch shack but!!
  2. there is plenty of "steep" lines around Niseko, you just have to work a little harder to get them. Asahidake offers some steep riding but you need to know your shit!!
  3. Niseko is credit card friendly, but have cash just in case
  4. December is great, cant remember a bad one, in fact we do most of our skiing in Dec, the crowd on the mountain is very family orientated. Last Dec was excellent. You can expect lots of snowy, snowy days.
  5. I hear you, i think its very weird, for f**k sake this is Japan, next you will be able to pay in kangaroo meat or vegimite
  6. next time hide, then whe he enters jump out and give him your best Bruce Lee to the forehead
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