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  1. I like travelling except when you are stuck in a airport and your flights delayed and you have a connection to make on the other side of the world. A good book and ipod are my friends as well as beer to kill the time. Also listening to other languages and trying to figure out what they are saying, now that can be a fun game. I always have a fun trip when i connect in dubai on the way to the czech republic to see the inlaws as i can now go ride there which cool. snowboarding -10 inside and 40 degrees outside.
  2. So hes selling the car because he has a pump now and doesn't need the car.
  3. I want to have fun not become a victim of the white death. We are a little crazy but not stupid if it looks funny then we will weigh up the options and go the safest way out as per usual.
  4. cheers guys, I will just bring it anyway. Better safe then sorry.
  5. Hi guys, Me and a mate are heading to Hokkaido in Feb and we are wondering if we should bring our avalanche gear?? We both have lived/ridden in canada, usa, france and austria in the past so we have a good idea on what we are doing and arn't stupid. What are the chances of avalanches inbounds at niseko and furano?? Does it slide often in the trees there? any heads up that you can give us is appreciated as its our first mission to japan and we can't wait. cheer
  6. That must sux, Just read the whole thing and stoked your kids can ski as its a lifestyle as we all know. The Ex seems like she has lost the plot and has it in for you big time. Maybe Singapore Airlines declined to fly them as it would require one attendent to be with the children at all times and they are not there for that, or the instructions would make their job all the much more harder and they are not there as a child minding service in their eyes. From reading this it doesn't seem like they need special treatment, all they needed was for their mother to just stop making their l
  7. Helmet all the way. Been riding with one since 1999 and hit a tree first day at lake louise so it was worth every cent. I wouldn't leave home without it. Pro Tec for me.
  8. my choice is 1. Whistler Blackcomb 2. Vail 3. Tux area in Austria
  9. Harmison has had another shocker start today. poor bugger. Great to have a day off today. Just sit in front of the tv & watch the cricket as tghe surf's crap.
  10. Cronulla Aust @ the moment. Will be in japan in feb. usually live in Praha czech republic
  11. Don't most whales eat plankton????? except spearm whales that eat squid and the transeant killer whales. Now they are amazing creature. Seen them a couple of months ago chasing a humpback and calf on there way down to antartica while i was fishing with my mates in our boat about 15 km off sydney. Seen them get the little bugger which was a sight to see.
  12. I heard that they where going to go after humpback whales as well this year or next. I love seeing them ( the whales) comming up the east coast of oz every may to july as they come within seeing distance of the coast. Maybe the reason that Japan does it in the southern ocean is that they killed all the whales in their waters. I just hope that my spineless government doesn't let their ships enter our waters this time ( who cares if there got a sick person on board) or if they do then impound the ship. You know it does make good tv the battle between the whalers and greenpeace and sea she
  13. For me its czech. I have to say that as that's where my wife's from. Really got no idea what she says when she is talking to her family back over there but it sounds so complicated. i still like it when she muddles up her words or misses a word in a convo.
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