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  1. Is this consumption tax increase 100% going ahead?

    Car navi

    The ones I know don't. You are told there's an update and the thing needs to download and reboot etc. Are you sure you are correct?


    I sleep naked so I reckon I'd probably feel 'dressed' if I wore a watch to bed.
  4. Hope you managed to save all your porn Tubby.

    Cho-yummy things

    Chicken katsu curry!




    What are they Chriselle?
  8. Correct 634-maru. The place that is up there with Sugadaira, but not connected.
  9. Yuzawa beats Akakura easy. Much more to choose from and easier to get to as well.
  10. Not Sugadaira. But in the right direction.
  11. OBLONG

    Good TV

    I like his silly name.
  12. I see it is my turn. Let me fine one.
  13. Is it the top of Myoko? Ikenotaira or Akakura?
  14. OBLONG

    Make Me Laugh...Please..!

    Hope it went well, Chriselle.
  15. OBLONG

    Cho-yummy things

    Caramel cheese roll. Sounds made, but it's good!
  16. Those things look awful.
  17. OBLONG

    Beer 2014

    I had 2 of them one night last year. totally conked me out.
  18. OBLONG

    This missing flight then...

    "Aviation expert says the search area increases likelihood that MH370 pilots deliberately flew plane off course Expert Neil Hansford says: 'This was well structured and well planned'" So, the plan was to fly it down towards....nowhere. Great plan!


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