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  1. It's just a cheesy phrase and concept that bellends use isn’t it?
  2. Spiders webs may be a bit spooky but there's amazing things.
  3. An early build of Windows 9 was so crap, they decided to scrap it. I love the way some articles are saying they are "bringing back some features of Windows 7". Sounds great!
  4. They should number these Iraq wars, it gets a bit confusing.
  5. I am happy that temperatures are starting to go down.
  6. Perhaps in terms of actual numbers, that still means Koreans will cease to exist sooner. I never was good at maths.
  7. They all do! And get more expensive too! It's a conspiracy thing!
  8. Herbivore men What are they exactly? Not homosexual, but not interested in sex?
  9. Make sure it's air-tight but you can freeze some of the excess and extend it's life by a bit.
  10. I'm also a fan of the Japanese bathroom. My sister recently had her bathroom done back home. She spent a fair bit on it and it certainly looks suitably...extravagant. But why's that fancy looking huge shower head fixed? I need to wash me privates! And why's the toilet next to the bath? Can't splash around as much as I'd like as I have to be careful where the water goes. And the water in the bath getting cold, that's not cool. ( Though actually, I suppose it is ). At least she didn't put a carpet in there. She's very proud of it and everyone who sees it says how wonderf
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