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  1. Really exciting stuff – there couldn’t be more than 20 cms between them when they turned the corner together after Alonso came out from the final pit stop
  2. A few years ago an otherwise little known Aussie divorce lawyer took out a series of putrid ads in the UK including one which screamed "Ditch the Bitch" to get publicity. So this is not the first (and won't be the last) time some Aussies confuse 'vulgarity' with 'sense of humour'.
  3. Not all are worth sharpening, Ocean.
  4. Quote: how do you justify calling somebody your 'subordinate?' Kind of arrogant, ne! I didn't call them my 'subjects'! I understand that you never have anyone working for you but there is nothing arrogant about it. I hire/train them (so that they can be useful with their expansive LL.B. or MBAs) and decide how much they get paid and give them advice about how to advance in their career. If they think I am off my trolley (which is entirely possible of course), they would try to persuade (but never argue with) me or head for the highway. You can see I am in a good mood today, ta
  5. I don't argue with my subordinates/GFs. I shout they jump. That's pretty much it.
  6. OK, she is a bit strange and/or they are a bit strange. So what? The topic is a dead horse.
  7. Ocean has been his usual sacrilegious self to ameliorate the situation.
  8. Apparently you haven't been to some of the lingerie places in Shibuya.
  9. Quote: it's not surprising you're short on knowledge if you take instruction so gracelessly. Quote: 3-sum action That's a fine touch!
  10. I think she is definitely more interesting than the other one who talks about being sexy.
  11. Quote: I think that's one of the best posts on this thread. I was there a few weeks ago and, frankly, not very keen on going back to join a melee of noisy silly drunken opinionated (usually about how silly the Japanese are and how things are better done in Australia!) Aussies. The pattering was non-stop whether in the queue or in the gondola! Sure, the Koreans are a haughty bunch but they normally keep to themselves and don't cause a scene. Some of the Chineses (maybe Hong Kongers?) are amazing. They have their domestic maids with them on a ski trip!
  12. Quote: She has worked and travelled all over the world and lived about 5 years of her life outside of Japan. Yet she still finds western drunken behaviour to be uncomfortable. I put this down to being a cultural difference You sound like this is a 'Japanese' problem. Is anyone here 'comfortable' or happy with (regardless of culture) drunken behaviours?
  13. And your company will have to fire you if you are in jail.
  14. I went through that too! My record was unblemished for the last three years and if that's was what I had to go through, I can't imagine the punishment for those who have had points deducted (in different class)! Did anyone enjoy the video? Quote: I don't have to worry. Co. pays all. The fact that you use your international licence is an offence and therefore render the insurance void. If anything happens to you while driving, you will be uninsured and will be personally liable (without limit) to compensate the victims and pay for property damages as well as going to
  15. Some australians in Niseko are a real embarrassment for other foreigners in general. I hope locals they don't think all foreigners are so dumb and '田舎臭い'!
  16. Quote: We are both quite unique nations I am sure that's backed by comparable statistics.
  17. Did you see her cried during one of the interviews? I was so impressed. She should be an actress.
  18. You should have refused. I don't think he was entitled to do that.
  19. It certainly looks cool and sporty. I like the green one but it is a bit bulky and doesn't have the Global Passport I need for use overseas sometimes.
  20. Almost got the G-shock one that came out last year (my friend beat me to it). Maybe the Music HDD one this time. The battery is useless however.
  21. Quote: That's a spring chicken. What are you eeking about? I was just surprised (I thought she was no more than 27-8) - doesn't mean I like her less. But my current favourite is 倖田來未 (haven't heard the songs yet)!
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