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  1. The theory is nice, can't quite see it happening though there.....
  2. Watched Alien 4 tonight. Bunch of crap. What happened to the greatness of the first 2?
  3. Aren't you used to it? Actually I'm finding my PC to be much more stable now with XP.
  4. New shoes are the worst offenders. A day walking round in a new pair last year screwed my feet up for a week - and they weren't too small, just not 'worn in'.
  5. I'd go if it were nearer. Anything to prolong The Feeling.
  6. Even at 5am? I don't like bright bedrooms in the mornings.
  7. Yeah, I thought it just meant a 'real easy lay'.
  8. I'm looking around now and there are some great deals going on.
  9. As someone else mentioned Hotrod - there are some amazing deals out there now. hurry though as many places might already have taken their winter stock off display.
  10. Equipment wise, if money not a problem - what would you buy? I'm on the hunt now.
  11. Put me off too, difficult to see the 'cuteness'
  12. What did it say "That ugly fat git - what a loser - try to trip 'im up will ya" or something?
  13. Well on the TV last night, they were telling us that 'the boys' over there were all ready to fight, and its really difficult to upkeep the machinery and planes, and they might rust etc if they don't fight now. So they should go in right away and fight! So there you go, the reason to start the war is that if they don't the boys equipment might get rusty.
  14. A yukata-wearing apple?!? My town is famous for eels.
  15. I was up at Takasu, quite decent - with a good bunch of people. Played in the park.
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