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  1. No but I'd love to be able to play US games on my PS2.
  2. Always best not to go in expecting tooo much.
  3. That Wenger bloke looks like a right fool. He used to be in Japan didn't he?
  4. Here's my haiku: ==================== "The blue sky is great It looks nice and is pretty too And I like snow too" ==================== Pretty talented, don't you think? I challenge you all to surpass that!
  5. Hmm. Still can't get it to work. Thanks for the tips though, I'll battle on...
  6. What is it? Photo shoots or soft porn? I think it is spelt グラビア
  7. I just downloaded it. It looks frikkin amazing, when's it out in Japan?
  8. Thanks, but I don't think thats the problem - the CD player that won't play it is fairly new (and not a cheap thing either).
  9. I couldn't cope with a big commute on packed trains, especially in summer here. I'm new here so I haven't experienced the humidity yet, it's something I'm not looking forward to.
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