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  1. I have a colleague who has mansion in yuzawa. He is thinking of selling now, crazy as that might be.
  2. That was an exciting finish to the Arsenal game, I could almost tell they were going to score.
  3. Quote: I will fight the law, not break it! What does that mean? While it sounds severe, and I hope you are fine, in principle I don't have much sympathy for people who knowingly break the law.
  4. "I think what this was supposed to say is that people should control themselves and realize that fast food is not good for you." Well, that wasn't my point really although I do agree about fast food. My meaning was that I don't think Mos Burger is really the same as McDonalds and other fast food (including Japanese one). I don't think that it is so bad, and no worse than many ramen shop and famiresu etc like somebody else also saying (And they are not so fast withorder also!!) If people are foolish and eat too much then it is their fault. Also my comment has nothing to do wit
  5. "splendidly stout" according to that site.
  6. I used to listen to Rem a lot but I was not so keen on recent album. The new song sounds good. Recently I listen to Maroon 5, Songs about Jane. I like it.
  7. It is sad that children are getting much bigger. I don't think that Mos Burger should be accused of any guilty for this though.
  8. I have had few experiences with blackout after drink sometime. I remember once I woke up on side of road with some guy (no, not together like that) who I didn't know. I heard that it was a wild night.
  9. I must wear a suit for work every day, I don't mind it. Usually about 3-4man.
  10. the first snow tyre advertisement on the television in fall. And I just saw it!
  11. Quote: fish milkshake That might be joke, but I know colleague who sometimes puts whole fish in blender machine with milk and makes a fishshake.
  12. Quote: He said he invaded Kuwait "for the Iraqi people" and referred to Kuwaitis as "dogs", for which he was rebuked by the judge. Is "dogs" a common bad word to call somebody?
  13. I might consider going to a place that has different resort like Hakuba or Nozawa/Shiga Kogen. Have a good time.
  14. I was shocked to see Martina Navratilova playing!!! I had forgotten about Wimbledon as well. always soccer talking.
  15. Interesting. Are you a "constant reader"? I am not, I must be a nonconstant reader.
  16. I am not really close to either, although I think more my mother. Do you hug your mother and father often??
  17. I often take part in them. I live in a large neighbourhood, this is good chance to meet more people as I don't know that many. They are usually fun, unless you are 担当 (that can be pain!)
  18. Its all good you guys having somwhere to "escape to" for long period. I don't have that, but I suppose I am used to the summers here more than many of you.
  19. This pension scandal with politician makes me angry. I wonder if any of them paid their pensions fully before telling us we must pay it.
  20. Don't you think Japanese style resume is so easy oompared to freestyle overseas version?
  21. I like those cars that have the HUGE wheels on them - the wheels bigger than the actual shell of the car and car so high up. I wonder what it is like to drive those.
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