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  1. In your country, do you have to pay tesuryo at bank when you make a payment?
  2. I think it will be rare this season to find really crowded resort - especially compared to many years ago. Now more than a few minute wait is rare. I remember about 10 years ago waiting for maybe 45 minutes to get fairly short pair lifts. It sounds really bad now!
  3. I think very few activity about this for quite a few years now. I can't remember hearing about new lifts.
  4. I'm sure those cans used to be much bigger as well.....
  5. Do you have a favorite charity? There are so many, I think it is difficult to decide to which one giving things. I suppose it depends on your ideas and experiences maybe. I'm interested to know how people choosing which to support.
  6. I hope that 2005 is a better year than 2004.
  7. This is all just so painful for watching and not being able to do something. I hope everybody does what they can with some donation.
  8. From what I heard from friend, not really. I heard Yuzawa and area is very quite compared to normal year.
  9. I spent time with family go to my parents home for 4 days. It was relaxing time. My winter season is already late, should starting very soon.
  10. I know some people who use their laptop on their laps (is that why called laptop, I didn't know!) quite a lot. It looks uncomfortable and I could not do it for more than a few moments, but they are there.
  11. No she will not do that. She will always be Soga, he will be Jenkins.
  12. I have friend who has been there to this pension, he said good things about it.
  13. I was up in Yuzawa and Nagaoka this weekend. We went past Naeba and saw the run that is open. It looked sad! But quite few people there. On way to Nagaoke we went past some of earthquake affected area, it was shocking to see some effect first hand. But apart from central earthquake area, it seemed to be normal business for people there. Gambatte!
  14. I sometimes wonder why these big company spend money on this kind of things.
  15. I was going to post this info. It's great deal for people wanting to go the area.
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