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  1. Yeah looks great. Been away for a while and out of Japan, but hope to be there this coming winter. What's the word on this season's new stuff, you always seem to put new stuff online.
  2. I regret not being there, but that's only because of work taking me back to the UK. Hopefully back to Japan one day. But I know people just think 'natural disaster' and the scale and uncertainty of what happened and it puts them right off. I'm sure it will improve for next season.
  3. And me too! Haven't been here for a long time, in London now.......... love the new look and changes, chaps.
  4. More of my British friends are planning a trip over this winter. Everyone fingers crossed for the exchange rates.
  5. Here you are chaps: Perfect Presentation Cups and saucers should arrive already assembled on the table before the teapot is served. The handle of the cup must point to the right. The teaspoon should be tucked under the handle. Cups: Don’t forget to warm the cold cups before serving Dripmat: Always ensure that your logo is facing the customer How to Make a Perfect Pot of Tea Always use a good quality tea. Always use freshly drawn water. Water that has already boiled will give a “lifeless” cuppa. Warm the pot. Use one teaspoon of
  6. ...in this picture?! How many can you find? Most are probably frightfully too loud for my liking, but... anyone find Cliff Richard?
  7. I like them both, probably more at 47, but I stay at the bottom of Goryu
  8. Would it have to remove lifts and clean the mountain up to as it was before they 'spoilt' it?
  9. Any resorts in Japan still putting in any new lifts in recent years?
  10. Bomb them all! They deserve it for being Evil.
  11. You go to parties that you don't want to go to?
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