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  1. Quote: Some places might have a rule about unsupervised kids below a certain age though. I think many place do have it. Good luck.
  2. Interesting. Maybe the Japanese who go to Niseko will start to enjoy the nightlife aspect also and it become more popular.
  3. I have been few times and for late spring ski it is good trip I think. This year also they closed mid-winter.
  4. I rmemeber seeing it on tv. Is there stunt like this on your country tv also or is this kind of crazy very Japanese?
  5. Why does US Xbox live marketplace seem to get things like movie and tv program but Japanese gets nothing like that. Is there plan for it?
  6. My friend bought mini DVD format and is not pleased with the decision as not as flexible as he thought. Of course he should have known maybe before buying I think. minidv tape does really good quality still I think. Does anybody have the hidefinition camera?
  7. Was that legal download CB or some other way?
  8. I can understand how their feeling for that. But maybe best to check with some native speaker, or just use the shorter version
  9. Me also but I live far away and so it is big trip for me to go there. Every season I do it.
  10. Did you enjoy the obligatory snowboarders "sitting on your bottom" post(as per photo 4)?
  11. I am trying to put together a tape for my school on some famous overseas sports-related songs and themes. Can you help with any ideas? Arigato!
  12. It is news today that Tokyo was 13 degrees today and Yokohama 16 degrees. Not good news for any heavy snow in February
  13. Some ideas seems really strange!! http://www.newlaunches.com/archives/mugmouse_is_a_mouse_full_of_coffee.php
  14. About strike, in modern Japan I heard of very few apart from the famous teacher one. Demo is quite often but very peaceful and polite!
  15. A British friend of mine over the weekend was talking about some pubs back in his country and mentioned something about a "lock in" but I couldn't understand situation well. Is a "lock in" legal or not? Sounded like way for pub to open longer than official hour.
  16. Quote: And there's much much more, you just don't want to hear about it. I would be very interested. I saw the news and they mentioned like the things you mention.
  17. OK last night I watched Arachnophobia movie. It was fun but one curious scene I don't understand. There was a doctor and he went into the boys changing room of a school to do some kind of medical check. Each boy coughed when he was standing in front of the boy. There was no text or subtitle. What is that check?
  18. Arachnophobia about spiders it was entertaining movie.
  19. By Car From Tokyo There are two main ways to get to Hakuba from the Tokyo region: Take the Chuo Expressway north until Okaya Junction where you should then take the Nagano Expressway until the Toyoshina Interchange. From there, follow Routes 147 and 148 through Omachi to Hakuba village or Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Fujioka Junction changing towards Nagano on the Joshinetsu Expressway. Take the Nagano Interchange and follow the Nagano Olympic Road to Hakuba village. ----- Go to Maps section on site and use the maps of Hakuba zoom out and you can find the route!
  20. I have canon printer from last year and very satisfied with it. I think I always had Canon, they have good reputation. I remember when I got my first printer. I thought it was amazing, so exciting. Now printers are hardly exciting thing!
  21. I saw on news they called it yoshin 余震 from 2 years ago quake and maybe more in years to come. It is one unfortunate thing about Japan I think!
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