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  1. Rag Doll, thanks some really good information. I will investigate Annapuri.
  2. Re Dubai, don't go via Ramadan, they shut all restaurants in malls, on the street for the whole day and it makes getting out for a full day difficult since you are not allowed to eat or drink in public. Not even water to not be offensive. Hotels will have limited restaurants open during the day for in house guests, though you will still eat behind a curtain or screen to be polite. Burj al Arab is interesting, but there are better things to spend your money on in Dubai, all of them pretty contrived. We stayed for 5 days on the way to East Africa last August, we did have cocktails at t
  3. Hi, planning to ski Japan this year with my family. We started skiing 3 seasons ago and love it. Did the Thredbo/Perisher for the first 3 seasons and then Colorado for a month this December, lowest temp was about -5 degrees. My children aged 7, 5 and 3 all ski. The 3 year old can ski all day, we put her on a harness though she is now stopping and turning on her own, but too small to load a lift herself so the harness helps with that. The boys can ski blues/greens easily and ski parralell and understand about not going too fast and how to slow it down. My kids are all happy to wear
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