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  1. oh... i didnt know about all the other features of auto sync. i don't use it bc i got hundreds of songs off my mates computer that arent on my itunes so i dont wanna lose them. anyone know of a simple way to rip from ipod to itunes? i think i heard something using simple text...
  2. i saw a couple waiting in the lift line with matching, complimentary clothes. like she had red pants and a black jacket and he had the same style black pants and red jacket. dorky, but better than a full-on match.
  3. i'll check that out. gms did a kick-ass version of money for nothing, so its now become one of my fav songs.
  4. there were some new rails at nozawa. and they opened up under the top quads.
  5. same, 21 days for me on the mountain. not as many as last year and not all full days.
  6. so it wasnt worth the risk then?
  7. yeah its kinda strange how old group can maintain such a hold in some places. i've been on a dire straits kick since the gathering rave last fall and then when i was in indonesia a coupla weeks ago, i heard them everywhere.
  8. yeah it's better to have the auto-sync turned off so you don't accidently lose music like db mentioned. dont really understand the need seeing as you can arrange your music by date and add all the new songs from itunes to the pod with two clicks. btw, am i the only one who calls my pod iNekobi rather than NekobiPod?
  9. you could try hitch-hiking . am thinking about doing it over golden week to get to osaka. i bet you could find a nice couple that would spoil you with food in exchange for practicing their english.
  10. i heard that an aet was at an enkai april 1st and told her kochosensei and supervisor that she was pregnant and going home in july. she's not married and a pretty straight-laced girl, and she kept going on and on about this for a while before telling them it was a joke. prolly freaked them out rather than amused them. stupid stunt i think.
  11. i went to korea last summer with my friend who's korean-american and he gave me the low down on lots of stuff. he said that its really common to get cosmetic surgery- esp guys- bc if youre ugly, its hard to get a good job.
  12. i like the taste of starbucks coffee. plus the one in nagano is a prime spot for people watching. just wish it was a little bigger. check out this article from reason magazine.
  13. i sometimes listen to NPR via iTunes when i'm cooking. or if the programs dull, i'll listen to a music radio station. i forgot how nice it was to hear good new music. sometimes i just get sick of my cds/ipod.
  14. the johnny depp movie where he goes undercover was good. whats it called? donnie brasco or something?
  15. anyone seen the animatrix dvd? is it any good? i enjoyed 2 and 3 but i thought they were a bit confusing. definitely require several viewings to help understand.
  16. just saw that sofia coppola for the oscar for best original screenplay. good for her.
  17. i love the place i go to in nagano! for a dye and cut it's cheaper than what i'd pay in the us. and i get a massage, listen to cool music, read english magazines, and chat with the people who work there. the guy who cuts my hair is also a dj, so i also get info about parties in the city. i always have fun when i go.
  18. no there weren't any subtitles for the j when the movie was showed in the us.
  19. i did a little commercial thing with some students for abn- they prolly just showed it in nagano. i never saw it, but my homestay family down in ina did.
  20. hey slow- i doubt theres a j version of the book- it's kinda academic and i don't think it would be translated. you could try the english version....
  21. "the geography of thought: how asians and westerners thinkg differently.... and why" by richard nisbett ab fab!!! on so many levels asians and westerners view the world differently- westerners are more object/linear/logic focused whereas asians are more holistic/dialectic and concerned with relationships. his theories are backed up with research in cognition and culture. really insightful for why something things/people here just don't make sense to me. i definitely recommend it!!!
  22. you can buy tofu at prolly any grocery store in the us. well, in bigger cities at least.
  23. lotsa pow and day passes for about 60cents- hmm maybe i should check out kashmir next season!
  24. i prefer even cowgirls get the blues .
  25. recently got a pair of flows and didn't really like them the first time- kept getting too much snow stuck in and couldn't properly shut. but adjusted the forward lean or whatever you call it. so last weekend they rocked! so easy hiking a jump to get ready to go again. and fast off the lift. now i'm happy i bought them
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