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  1. Earning your turns. What a load of bollocks that phrase is! Actually new thead idea...
  2. Are meals, clothing, gear and accommodation free anywhere at all? I don't see any problem with charging less than for adults. It's the free thing which is causing a bit of a fuss and I think unwarranted.
  3. The free for kids creates expectations that accommodations cannot possibly go with. Lots of them think there are better ways to go about encouraging families, and I agree.
  4. Another for the "bit of a waste of time" vote here. Stick to one area per day.
  5. Can't blame them for it. Now they just need to get rid of the silly "children for free" stuff that was going on before. I see a few places pulling the reigns back on that. Asking a nominal fee for them is much more sensible.
  6. Anyone ever "complained" and gone into this when the local takyubin guy presents a tax bill for a few thousand yen? Wonder who you actually call to do that even.
  7. There does almost seem to be some kind of nationalistic agenda with some of these. Let's learn to love ourselves, kind of thing. 'Koko ga hen da yo nihonjin' was a bit different, but that just went a bit overboard in the other direction.
  8. Agreed. Unless you are close, which most people aren't. Crappy man-made strip.
  9. You really should be fine with the Kanetsu on a weekday, it's only weekends when it becomes a monster. Tubby loves it any day though.
  10. The first case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on US soil has been confirmed in Dallas, Texas. Officials at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital say the unidentified patient is being kept in isolation. The man is thought to have contracted the virus in Liberia before travelling to the US nearly two weeks ago. More than 3,000 people have already died of Ebola in West Africa and a small number of US aid workers have recovered after being flown to the US.
  11. I had a go with some of that gear a few years ago, it was fun. Not as good as snow of course. Legs felt it the next day!
  12. You're allowed a cake sandwich and crisps at night, don't forget!
  13. I am sure there are ways round 1) and 2) if you want it that much.
  14. I usually start the season in a not very good shape and always regret it. No doubt this season will be no different.
  15. Oh there's so many! Just look at the maps on the Resorts section, the problem is too much choice. suppose you need to narrow down the kind of thing you want.
  16. Mind bough here but...... Banshoku?
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