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  1. Quote: How do you open the door to your resort in the morning? Oh, that's right, you don't... You do seem to be quite a sad and bitter soul. Whatever brought it all on?
  2. I've got a singing tree called Douglas Fir. He's got big flashing eyes too, and very cute.
  3. I wonder if in 15 years the snowboard grunge look will be looked back on with the same disdain?
  4. I'm not a snowboarder, but that sure looks fun wouldn't mind giving it a try.
  5. Possible explanations..... - busy with other things; - not got your gear prepared; - limited money and already planned your holidays; - got no mates who want/can go and not keen to go alone; - favorite place not yet open; - not "in the mood"; - ill To name just a few. PS Enjoy it, you who can get out now!
  6. The GALA ones used to be "different" so you had to either buy a GALA pass holder or squash the thing in a normal holder. Gits.
  7. Any skiers been over there with any impressions. There's just the 1 review in the reviews section - any further thoughts?
  8. I should perhaps have known better. It must be hard being so perfect Ocean11 and having to listen to all the peasants around you (everyone) all the time. Good luck with it anyway. To everyone else who might decide not to go skiing or snowboarding in the next 3 weeks - Ocean wants to know why you are being so irrational by not doing so? How could you do that! No excuses now!
  9. There's so many people who'd love it if only they got past the "oh, but it looks so cold and a big hassle to start" reasoning But we don't want the slopes too crowded now do we?
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