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  1. Weren't you the one that got the 300K worth of gear nabbed as well?
  2. There's some good runs at Nozawa, yeah. Nice place that.
  3. You warrior you, klingon. I usually take an early lunch to avoid the official Japanese lunch.
  4. We're going for a drive around the area this weekend hopefully.
  5. Blimmin ek, awesome stuff. Brilliant. Haven't been for a while and come back to this, and the forum is well busy.
  6. Well, my gfriend isn't Japanese, shes Australian.
  7. Pachinko. Surely everyones tried it once or twice. But yes, definitely a genetic thing though! Some of my Japanese buddies play for hours, and often win on it too.
  8. ROppongi fun then during the Cup, oo? Tell us more.
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