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  1. Move them when possible, don't like them though - specially in my kitchen.
  2. Art, cooking, sports - that kind of stuff.
  3. Only 10 people there....why was that then?? I thought it was the huge blockbuster with qs round the corner...
  4. Your jogging might burn up about 400-500. Good luck with it all.
  5. Looks like there's some rain in Nozawa and Yuzawa today?! What's that all about then?!?
  6. 7-11 anko-whatever-they call it. Very sesame-seedy. Very nice. Only in winter. And of course that good bowl of ramen
  7. Age of Mythology is excellent - even better than Empires..
  8. I think you're either in for a real fun great experience or a nightmare like viv&kev mentioned - one or the other. Like many things here, no in between
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