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  1. Sure did, but guess what's happening down here in a matter of weeks
  2. I'd cut my wallet by half to avoid that no problems
  3. I KNOW what you're saying. THEY can't understand.
  4. I went to Kagura yesterday. It was excellent - great snow still top notch.
  5. Japanese news! Good for learning the language
  6. enderzero may well be cool, but his comments were not well thought out.
  7. Quote: I strongly recommend adopting a new resort policy whereby ripe, audacious Shibuya 109-building type gals are bused in for free, get reduced-price lift passes and can also stay free in some kind of dormitory. These gals would be required to spend the evening drinking and partying with patrons and resort-goers at a small, purpose-built Gas Panic-type bar/club at the base lodge area. The walkway from their dormitory to the bar would be kept free of snow/ice or even heated, because they will need to be wearing boots and miniskirts. Now there's an idea!
  8. Metroid is out in Japan today I think, anyone played it? Is there too much J-go in there to understand?
  9. Hmmmm. Why don't you put the pic on your member page here now?
  10. I just said it in another thread, but I give up on a lot of sleep when there's snow around. Its just too good to miss while it's around.
  11. Hit a place early on when they take good care of the runs and after new snow - Awesome. Worth getting up for.
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