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  1. That doesn't sound much like fighting to me! But the beautiful powder sounds nice though.
  2. Mars Bars! Walkers Crisps! Monster Munch! Sauces! Me want. Anyone know of any "yummy" smilies?
  3. Nothing you can do about it dude, just don't waste your worries on it.
  4. Hey I didn't know you were there taking a shot of me? Cool!
  5. I've deciced to go there this weekend. I hope it isn't too busy.
  6. Anyone been out at 4-5am at places that open crazy early. I have Kandatsu Kogen in mind because it is so convenient using the Shink.
  7. It doesn't bother me when there aren't any queues, but it does bother me a lot when there are friggin crowds waiting.
  8. Set the price on the day? Whoa, I can imagine how that would go down with them...
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