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  1. Strange how there's no news though. Not that I know anything about head injuries. That was just a puff piece though wasn't it.
  2. At a certain age maybe. Otherwise, book into some really nice hotel and have nice hot rooms and be served on! Bet most kids would be happier. (So would I!)
  3. Very possibly an 'article' simply for hits sake, but: - Fears grow that Michael Schumacher will be in a coma for the rest of his life because he has still not recovered enough to be woken German media rife with speculation after speaking to brain injury experts Formula One star has been in artificially induced coma for the last 18 days Bild newspaper says his condition is so grave there are no plans to wake Silence from his management and medical team has also fuelled concerns
  4. Stop the 'cycle' by being decent then. Who are these locals that treat people like shit? One or two individuals, or the entire population? If one or two locals treat people badly, does the whole place deserve to be treated badly in return? And why do people have to treat people badly in return anyway? Revenge or something? Why not take the high road and just be decent.
  5. There aren't many Japanese owned businesses left in Niseko. It's the Aussie or otherwise owned ones taking advantage.
  6. Surelt it was introduced not by the tourists, but by the businesses doing it.
  7. Must be great to be able to get it at very short notice like that, and I see it's snowing again now.
  8. In the last few days a few photos uploaded that looked very similar. Metabo's Hatoriko 634-maru's Joetsu Kokusai
  9. I find the 'close to 0% of Japanese skiers and boarders wear helmets' thing curious. You'd think that Japan being Japan, pretty much everyone would wear one. 安全第一! Or maybe not, if they are totally not fashion.
  10. I like Elbow. Isn't Jodrell Bank a giant telescope?
  11. Those type of places seem stuck in some kind of time warp, unable to escape. Then again, perhaps lots of people enjoy these activities!
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