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  1. I totally agree, figs are brilliant. I've always been a fan of dried dates as well.
  2. I really like them. Sudoku is a quite a challenge as well. Good for on a long flight.
  3. How did the weather hold out for you?
  4. They're dangerous you know. I fell off one yesterday at school - was the first time - and sprained my ankle. Most of the kids are pretty good at these things, do all schools have them?
  5. I get basically the whole summer to do as I wish, they don't expect me to stick around. I think the person before me had some problems and they got fed up of those problems.
  6. I find it interesting how soccer seems to have that affect on people here. Considering it's not a traditionally huge sport, with things like this people go bonkers - even if they aren't really interested in it. Last nights news was way over the top. I suppose today will be the same.
  7. Quote: Do they take nutrient into account I wonder Definitely. I think all schools have a monthly menu that the parents get as well. Ours have calorie counts and everything as well as notes and "tips" on the menu.
  8. After college I was working on a graduate program for a fairly big company and we had 4 day long training courses - and stayed in expensive hotels. They were fun. I missed a fair few breakfasts with a hangover actually. The ones I had were really good though.
  9. 1800 sucks hey. At least the place near me gives me "points" and they have some discout days as well. I saw Kingdom of Heaven, not really my type of film. It was ok, nothing more.
  10. So, any other people here working in schools (or other places for that matter), what are your kyushoku lunches like? Until recently ours were really good I used to look forward to them - a good mix of Japanese and Western style things. But we've got this new guy in who is doing all the planning and they are now overwhelmingly Japanese style.... the kids are not too keen, neither am I, and even the Japanese teachers are complaining. The menu is getting boring and very repetitive. And everything is either very fish and/or very usui. Sad.
  11. I really really don't want to know or even think about that one.
  12. Gorillaz, loved their first one, new second one sounding promising too from the 4 tracks I've heard.
  13. I call it fun. Reading news, reading up on my fave things (inc here), writing to family and friends. Fun!
  14. Mine is real simple. 1/4 of it gets saved, the rest is for spend. If I have some left over at the end of the year, it gets either spent on a prezzie or saved.
  15. Pity they can't all feel that way much earlier isn't it. Good on him!
  16. That sounds totally gross. I remember I tried one when I was a kid not knowing the above 'ingredients' ( ) and thought it was pretty awful.
  17. Problem with books though is you have to buy them and then use that ONE. If they can get online they might have links to many places that might help and they can find what suits them or research better. (Yeah I know about libraries but they can be a real hassle right and might not stock that kind of book)
  18. Yeah I do that. Same problem, at first there was tons of video. Now I only rarely take it out, things are drying up!
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