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  1. I just heard that 30% of us (us?) use the internet at work for our own fun for 15-30 minutes. Sounds a bit of an underestimate, that.
  2. Actually I watched that as well, it inspired the handle name.
  3. I'm in Japan sometimes. Based in the US but take about 4 trips over a year with work. I usually get about 2 months in all.
  4. WINNERS, laughing. LOSERS, crying, complaining.
  5. Hey, kinda new here I spend some time in Japan each year but based in LA. I'm interested to know what the biggest challenges there are on the hills in Japan, both on the resorts and off backcountry?
  6. I've been skiing since I was a kid, can snowboard as well but mainly skiings my thing.
  7. If I'm in Japan at GW I'd love to join you, and have no problems with the terrain etc? Is this all going ahead?
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