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  1. Kusatsu is definitely worth a visit but like others said a week would be pushing it. The skijo isn't actually that big, just long and narrow. I like the top bit though and a few sneaky runs. They do some walking tours up there, over to the crater which is fun.
  2. OK so what's that then? Miso something? A good katsu curry goes down well as long as it's not one of those 75% fat/25% crappy meat versions. Skijo lunch wa yappari kareraisu desu ne.
  3. Yes the wage not changing thing isn't really that big when you consider the circumstances. It just doesn't sound good - not increasing in 20 years or so. 3 hours there and going home? Wow, he is lucky! I know a few people who get tied down to staying all hours.
  4. Not me but a friend lives 15 mins from there and I have been a few times. OK for a day out.
  5. Incredible. I wonder how fast he can go if he tries for 100 rather than just 90.
  6. Happy that money isn't too important to me (as long as I have 'enough').
  7. Don't wear them but thinking of going in for a test as things far away are getting difficult to read of late.
  8. Have you been to a good nighta tripitaka. When it's on form, it can be magical.
  9. talk and should as much as you like, see if I care
  10. They would be silly, as it is free. It does the job for me.
  11. I don't care, it's Friday. another 2 hours.
  12. Best part of the day for sure. Especually with the 1st graders as there is always lots of seconds!
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