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  1. I think I am correct in saying Kaga is an actor/singer. He has often played Jean Valjean when Les Miserables has been on in Japan.
  2. I agree. I think she seemed to most natural of those finalists. Grew to really like her. Ahhh.
  3. It's amazing how every one of them have names the same as states (like Florida, California) instead of normal names like Jane and Cath.
  4. I am doingsome jogging right now, about 5-6km 3 or 4 times a week. Feel better for it.
  5. What shows are they on? I've only seen that guy on a few variety show like things.
  6. I know what you're saying Tohokubum. I find it hard to love a hard pack icy day though, in some ways I'm jealous of people who can go out there and love that.
  7. The good old double standard for guys and girls there I see.
  8. Then don't post in the thread. Soubs, he is worth 800 million apparently, so he's still got around 600. He'll be all right, I'm sure
  9. For those not wanting to jump without even knowing what it is about >> Diet passes bill to take foreigners' prints, pics A bill requiring fingerprinting and photographing of foreigners upon entry to Japan was passed Wednesday as a way to prevent terrorism. Despite strong criticism from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and human rights organizations, the bill cleared the House of Councilors with a majority vote by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito. With the revision of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law, an estimated 6 million
  10. Nice. Peter Gabriel was a bit of a (grim) surprise. I usually like him as well.
  11. Out of the three, I like Winged Migration best. I love that kind of film/docu
  12. Just looking at the yuzawa page. Not this... ... is a LOT of snow!!!
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