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  1. I have faith in Tilba the snow god (he lives in a small red chandle my son owns)
  2. Hire a car and enjoy far more of Hokkaido, from Furano there is so much more to see. You can also easily do a day trip to Tommamu or Sahoro. I even found a frozen lake with an ice bar like no other in that area, no idea where it was I followed a phone number on my GPS to get there.
  3. After the first four days we pick up a hire car, while we are staying up the top of Shiga at the Bakery, there seemed little reason to have a car. can you get through to Takayama from Shiga Kogen area.
  4. I guess if its marginal we can buy a rail pass for seven days then head to the mountains, either way we will have a great holiday. I was at Shiga on 4 Jan this year and it was fine and looking at the records, the odds are deffinatly in our favour. Personally I would have made our trip late January but the kids (well using that term losely) can only get the period over Xmas new years off. Next season I will come in Jan by myself for the better conditions.
  5. I know its early but so is my trip arriving in Tokyo 21 December with plans to be at Shiga from 23 Dec and Myoko from 28 dec returning to Shiga 1 Jan leaving 6 Jan. Trouble is my kids are in the Aussie Military and this was the only time we could all have off. Looking at some reports saying lower than average early snow, when would it be the time to cut my losses and switch to Hokkaido where there seems to be more snow. What are the best early starters this season on indicators so far, Furano seems to have some snow as does Niseko but been there to often, how are the resorts like Rusu
  6. Looking a lot like snow up top at Shiga today http://www.yokoteyama.com/live.html
  7. It must be getting close now, when will we see the first snowfalls this year. Hope Shiga gets an early dump.
  8. Qantas has never had an issue with the 2.5% increase its the other demands they cant agree to, the Union wants a say in the running of the airline and its future direction, its not going to happen. Fact Labor Party introduced a new regime of Industrial relations where the only option an employer has to resolve ongoing rolling strikes is to lock out with 51 hours notice. The options available to Qantas were simple, 12 months of continual disruption or play the only card in their deck thanks to the Gillard Govt. What choice did they have. They are forcing the industrial system to
  9. Basically the airline has made an offer that is reasonable but the Union wants a say in the direction of the Airline such as influencing decisions like the new Jet Star Japan and the New Premium Asian Airline recently announced. Unfortunatly the Union forgets Airlines today operate in a very different world to a few years back, in 1970 for example about 44% of passengers into and out of Australia flew Qantas, today with increased competition its about 18%. Baggage handlers at Qantas earn 30% more than other airlines staff at the same airport, how much more can Qantas pay. Qantas pilo
  10. Just remember Moiwa is not cnnected to the rest of Niseko so its only an option if you have your own car. I know they will tell you there is a shuttle bus, but you will feel trapped. Personally I dont think much of Hirafu and prefer Higashiyama area myself but I dont tend to care about night life, I still always have a car so I can head to the various lifts and resorts when I want, Moiwa is nice, worth a day skiing there but its not part of the grand Niseko lift pass and requires seperate ticketing
  11. I have been listening to and watching on Youtube Elva Hsiao but I have no idea what she is singing but she does have an amazing voice and great songs. I love this one and this one in particular
  12. I loved the TV interviews where they asked Sam if Williams was off her game today. Why not just congratulate her for being the better player on the day.
  13. I hope so but to improve our chances I chose the highest place I know with a hotel (in Japan). Mind you I traveled to Las Vegas a few years back and got snow, I tend to do that.
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