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  1. Not right next to resorts but faily close and it is spring in this part of northen Japan too.
  2. Thanks for the report Tex - any visual evidence to post too?
  3. Originally Posted By: JA Originally Posted By: Mamabear Well I wear sleep pants (like lightweight cotton track pants) and a tank top - but I am STILL not heading out of my house dressed like that! Mama without the tank top ... Homer.
  4. Would you go for the normal PSP or the Go? I like the look of that new DSi large version, much better than those small screens.
  5. Not mad into park myself but Alts positions itself as one of the best in Japan for that.
  6. Japan seems to have this never ending gift giving thing going on. Give something to someone, and you get something back in return. Does it stop there or is it just the first steps on the road to never-ending gift-giving cycle?
  7. Incredible shots. Never thought Gunma could provide that. Definitely interested in checking that place out.
  8. Love seeing scenes like this. And then getting my board on. This weekend should be sweet.
  9. I'd be interested to check that out too. Not in my part of the world though and can't get that time off.
  10. Anyone on here ventured over to Alts Bandai this season? Might be going soon good resort and nice park.
  11. Not too far away sprouts-dude. I am near Utsunomiya, to the north. Where do you ski? I'm going to check out Hunter soon too.
  12. haha. BUT will anyone else care, other than the anoraks.
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