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  1. Not the originals that I had up on here... they have been lost along with the computer they were on, but these are captured from a video I took of the same aspects. Just to be clear these are taken on the way up Iwaonupuri looking back to Mt Annupuri... after lobbing over the back then shoeing Iwaonu... On a clear day the routes are quite obvious and no doubt others would be out. In bad weather forget it or take a guide.
  2. Last year they definitely had a map with cracks marked at gate 3 (well just off the meat hook)... did not see one this year mid to late jan... but I think the cracks appeared after I left so not sure if they have put them up now.
  3. I added a roll of duct tape and decent STRONG multitool this year (already have rope). Duct tape for all sorts of uses but good for making rescue sled from skis, shovel head etc and multitool with good screw driver accessories so you can remove bindings from snow boards, if required, as well as the usual cutting implements. Get a phone that can use Ski trax or similar app... GPS enabled without need for data for exact co-ord locations for calling in rescuers.
  4. With out doubt the first priority is being seen getting into trouble (but not getting into trouble is preferable). This means having at least on buddy but also being able to see that buddy at all times. This can be hard if you are following standard avi precautions and not entering the slope at the same time. Therefore having 2 buddies is better. One top, one bottom (in safe ground). Two incidents as example, both last week. The first, believe it or not was on the Family run! I was just trying my hand at that most ridiculous and masochistic of past times; teaching my spouse to snowboar
  5. Sorry Mike was typing while you posted.... just what I was trying to say but far more eloquently.
  6. I think the vast majority respect the rules but there are still far too many who do not... People just go out and hit the mountain, exit open gates because they are open with not a thought as to checking all the ample information available. The problem as I see it is that the conditions are so changeable people think it will always be good out and the assessment is to conservative. However with the light dry snow that falls the snow pack consolidates quite quickly in this area but some people just cannot get it through their thick skulls that one day the gates are closed due to extreme avi ri
  7. Rhythm are probably the cheapest with a wide range for hire. Probably a massive 2 minute walk from M Hotel...
  8. I arrive on the 18th but probably wont be out too much as we are staying with a few families who will not head out much ... my BC buddy has bailed so will need to find a new buddy to hit the peak and go exploring!
  9. The first picture is from the base of Mt Annupuri (looking up the Nth face, that which faces Iwaonupuri) just off where the road would normally go through past Goshiki,(Goshiki is to the right of frame) the ridge on the right is what you would need to hike over to the back bowl. The second picture is just a closer view of the gully on the right just below that ridge.
  10. Yes drive up past Goshiki and park before you hit the snowbank at the end of the road If you have a driver you can ride off the Nth face of Annupuri, the gully skiers right of the ridge between the back bowl and nth face offers best snow... very top can get pretty icy and wind swept on the true nth aspect out of that gully, but you can traverse around from the east side if you run out nth along the spur from the peak. As you walk out from the road end or looking left if coming over from Annupuri the ridgeline (or just below it) on the left of the south face of Iwanipuri is a good rou
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