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  1. Black Mountain - Thanks so much for the tip. I finally sorted out my accomodations (if you saw my other thread there was a hiccup). I am starting to get very excited!
  2. It's what I get for playing soccer the week before leaving. I can speak (unfortunately for my husband), and it's not too serious. I think I have a lead on a place, so I'll be happy when that's settled. Debbie Downer Alert: And I really must add that domestic violence is not funny - and it is especially careless when you know nothing about the person you're posting with.
  3. Thanks. I had emailed black diamond a few days ago and they're all booked. Tonight was supposed to be calling night (only way the time lines up), and I unexpectedly had to go to the hospital follow a jaw injury. Sigh.
  4. Thanks. I am feeling a little overwhelmed, so this is very helpful. Anything - We had a credit a hotel M from one of the accommodations sites as a result of a trip not taken last year. When I sent them an email to book it, I could have sworn that their page showed availability. By the time they got back to me (a few days later) there was no availability, and now everything that is available on their site is exorbitantly expensive. Oh, and they're not getting back to me... Half my fault, but an annoying situation compounded by lack of responsiveness. At this point, I just want to get som
  5. Me again. In an unexpected turn of events, I don't have accommodations for my upcoming trip to Hokkaido. I thought I had it worked out, but I was mistaken. I land at Chitose on the 24th. Obviously, cutting it this close is not ideal - while there is some limited availability in Hirafu, where I had originally planned to stay, it is exorbitantly expensive. I was hoping some of you may have some creative solutions. We are not terribly picky (skiing is the chief concern). I have sent inquiries to various lodges, but I have yet to hear back positively. At this point, we were thinking of ventu
  6. Thank you so much for all the input. My husband wants to rent, I prefer bringing out own. Decisions, decisions! My skis are fairly fat, so I expect they would be as good as what I would be renting. There will be an additional charge for bringing our own (extra baggage cost). Takkyubin delivery service is an awesome idea - especially because it looks like I could drop it off at the airport in Tokyo (we'll be there for four days before heading to Hokkaido), and then bring them back with us (which is easy because we fly out of narita the same day as our flight from Hokkaido). You guys ar
  7. An original topic - I know! My husband and I have planned a last-minute (ish) trip to Japan. We arrive in Chitose from Tokyo on the 24rd and plan to ski the 25 to 27. We will be staying at M hotel, which I understand to be in Kutchan-cho. We are an avid skier/snowboarder combo from Western Canada, enjoy all sorts of terrain and are hopeful for deep tracks. I have perused the board but would be very grateful for insight into the following: Gear. We’re currently leaning towards not bringing our gear with us from Canada. It seems like a lot to lug for three days of skiing, but I hear
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