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  1. contender SK is really good and a really huge area (mostly) linked. You might want to try reading some of the resort reviews and the like on this site... there's plenty of opinion on there http://www.snowjapan.com/e/voice/review.php
  2. Yes if you are flying check with the airline, it might be the best way. I found the post office to get really (relatively) expensive when it started getting heavy and big.
  3. New Chemical Brothers was out last week I think. Like the video to the first single.
  4. Easy solution to the tie thing - get a shirt with a large neck.
  5. Quote: Spaniard Alonso took out his frustration at losing to Hamilton in the United States on Sunday by shaking his fist at the team on the pit-wall. The double champion had swooped across the Indianapolis track before making his angry gesture just one lap after failing to overtake his young team-mate as they diced for the lead at 210mph. Is that how F1 works now? I didn't think that the person behind had the right to overtake if his car "was faster".
  6. I'm jealous of you guys. I was looking at the cameras the other day in Yodobashi. I need more funds.
  7. That japanese tv program is on again on Wednesday. The Queen one was really funny.
  8. Sendai looked good when I was there. What was different didn't click until someone pointed it out to me, then it was obvious.
  9. I don't know. (Anyhow, I wasn't implying that) I personally think tattoos are a silly thing to do to yourself. But if someone wants them, hey thats fine.
  10. Another driving one. Driving on a narrow road with someone in front of you going at between 0 and 10kmh - they're obviously looking for somewhere and starting and stopping every 10 meters or so, usually suddenly and totally oblivious to the fact that someone is behind them.
  11. If they think it will 'scare off' their clientel, let them keep that rule. It's their company to make their rules. I can see lots of people agreeing with them.
  12. I like that as well, getting away from all the noise.
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