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  1. Happoshu isn't necessarily weak/light though is it?
  2. That's the new thing Burger King are offering in Japan isn't it?
  3. Apparently, they're the next big (or small as the case is) gadget to be pushed onto us, with Apple about to kick things up. Can't see myself interested, considering I don't wear a watch anyway. What you think?
  4. Still I don't think that'll affect his fart control during sleep.
  5. Planting 3000 plants? Presumably that is what you do for a living, snowdude?
  6. The ending to that is hilariously bad. What were they thinking?!
  7. Federer is such a gent. His watch sponsorship thing is quite annoying though. First thing he grabs once the game is done. Photo ops!
  8. He'll be glad if they cut the fine on appeal. Would take him a long time time amass such riches to pay that off!
  9. They show respect to them by killing them.
  10. Did someone steal the cigarette lighter?
  11. Not had a season. I had to go back to the States for a prolonged period due to family stuff. +
  12. New research! - WOMEN have confirmed that nothing gets them hotter than men vigorously criticising the music they listen to. Hoping to attract a dominant prog rock fan Researchers at the Institute for Studies found that women experience strong sexual impulses towards men who glance through their iTunes playlist while mouthing the words ‘shit, shit, shit’. When condemnation of their favourite artists is then followed up with recommendations of obscure beard rock albums, most women are unable to stop themselves initiating sexual intercourse. Highly attractive woman Carolyn Ryan
  13. Prevent the springs or whatever they are called from wearing out? Best to keep them not stretched. Quite why they said glass dummy head though?
  14. Nailbiter! Seriously, did anyone think they would vote "One World Trade Center" number 2?
  15. Embarrassing for one. Obama is being very cunning.... urging the GOP to 'back down'. That'll confuse them!
  16. Question about rakuten points..... Do they expire?
  17. I like the new look. It was in real need of a refresh.
  18. I don't like boots that are too long though.
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