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  1. Planned so far 4 days in Hakuba 3 days in Zao Hoping to plan at least two other long weekends or longer.
  2. Whats interesting to me is the people in Niseko and Hakuba and the rapidly increasing rivalry there seems to be between those two. I suppose when you're trying to sell something you want to get out on top, but negative campaigning is never pretty ... lets friend. I'm going to Nozawa and Shiga Kogen.
  3. Sounds strange and you have the right to complain. (Not that this makes your situation any better, but I myself have had an excellent experience at the Nozawa ski school).
  4. I went and was really disappointed this time. Can't be helped but compared to normal it was poor this year. You managed some nice pics though Journey Man.
  5. I missed the fight at the end. 3 cards, must have been fun. Is it just me or do Arsenal get a lot of cards and sendings off? (Must be all the foreigners )
  6. Will is fun but I need more games, it will be interesting to see how long the fun on that machine will last. Here's Ayu having a go
  7. I was hoping for 20, I only managed 11 so far with one or two at the most more coming.
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