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  1. Hi there people Thanks all so much for your responses!! Most appreciative of your comments. Looks like I might be better off at a different snow park then. Believe it or not I already have accommodations - on reserve but I can change these any time. Just out of interest are there any websites that publishes statistics of how many people are visiting these powder heavens?? Anyway once again appreciate all your thoughts. Ming
  2. Howdy all people I have been looking to travel to Japan for some snowboarding for a while now and I am planning a holiday in Feb. Now I am thinking about two choices: Niseko or Rusutsu Bearing in mind that I am Australian and I have read many sites that a LOT of Aussies are going to Niseko - am I better off at Rusutsu?? This will be my first time snowboarding in Japan so it would be nice if I picked somewhere that I could come back to? Any recommendations guys? Cheers Ming
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