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  1. Cheeseporn?!? Are you surprised at Japanese business man watching like manga in train and other public place?
  2. i really don't like many modern style for young Japanese. They really spoil their beautiful natural hair.
  3. It seems to me that he cannot do anything without being critisism. MAybe he should not sleep?
  4. I never heard of them. Where are they from?
  5. I was taken to Soapland when I was 18, it was very interesting
  6. I am thinking of a list of place that I want to go to, but not been yet. This year I want to try them for first time. Do you have a list like that too?
  7. Natto Roll! Is that a sandwich?
  8. I got many also saying "re: thank you" and "wicked screensaver" and "your details" and like this. Did someone else sometimes delete important mail by mistake? I am sure sometime I do it.
  9. There are quite many case like this. Maybe it is best not to know to avoid disappointed and sad feeling about it. I only worry that it is increase also especially with younger people.;
  10. 5000 yen for electricity and about 4000 yen for gas each month. Water is differing many month, and winter balance also but usually about 6000 for all water supplies.
  11. I love snakes! Am I nearly alone about it? They are wonderful creature.
  12. England so hot? What? no fog?! Japan become hot since last weekend
  13. It looks too sweet for me, but I think I know some ladies who would like it. Is there some bitter taste also?
  14. You Only Live Twice - I love that movie. It was very big news in Japan when they filming here.
  15. Not long for me. But I imagine if I have long trip home back home country I enjoy looking forward to it on journey and relax!
  16. I still buy music cds, not many of you here seem to do it still
  17. Are you left or right handed? I am left handed, I don't know many other people who are. Maybe few in Japan.
  18. He did use forbidden technique and he should know it better than that, especially concerning his ranking. People will be angry about it, it is shame about racism thing appearing, but I think people have right to be angry about some thing.
  19. The situation with NKorea is worrying don't you think? If they did go test a bomb, and somehow US decide to military - what do you think would happen? I am dreading to thinking about it.
  20. Summer Present and End of Year Present. It is really tiresome for me.
  21. I hope that I don't come across as wanting free English lesson!
  22. I am always excited and happy if I am on long flight and so I don't mind it!
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