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  1. You know what I mean. Winter of course has an official start in Japan, right? When is that?
  2. Now the temps are going down over in Japan, anyone growing yet?
  3. I recently had my own, all to meself. There was no snow at Whistler, but Las Vegas had a meter, and one of the hotels adapted by making a 800 meter mega-slope with steeps of over 35d at the top right in front of the hotel. It lasted 4 months. I woke up.
  4. Interesting. I suppose theres a lot of "my city is the best" going on. I've heard Osaka is a really cool place.
  5. What, you're not allowed ANY at all? ??
  6. Design-wise it sucks, but the message boards can be interesting.
  7. Hey talking about t-bars, and just reading the Gassan post........does Gassan have any T-bars?
  8. I don't take much notice. Isn't the Monaco "race" next. That must be a buzz to watch close up.
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