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  1. I believe that it is generallly less popular in southern Japan areas.
  2. Hmmm, that's really very disappointing. I thought it was really steep. I think I'll go to Niseko instead.
  3. Just doing something on that on the evening news now. They are calling it ãªãŒã‚‰æºå¸¯ I stick mine on drive mode.
  4. This is funny Brown's ears are amazing. I think they're made out of sausages. And he still can't smile properly, which is hardly surprisinggiven his ongoing luck allergy. Following the overblown 'bigotgate' media piss-fight, which saw him force-fed fistfuls of shame, it was vaguely impressive to see him standing at a podium instead of screaming on a ledge. Just as Cameron likes to shoehorn the "change" meme into every sentence (or rather did, before Cleggmania flared up), so Brown mentioned "the same old Conservative Party" so many times he began to sound like a novelty anti-Tory talking
  5. Just watched Moonraker. Some very silly parts aside, better than I remember it. Had to laugh at one of the credits at the end: Roger Moore's hair by ..... _(forgot the name)
  6. No, not a kind of bread. A fashion. Wear your pants about 30cm lower than usual with underweart on show. Go on, dare you!
  7. I can't see the world of difference myself..
  8. Er, so, smoke, mirrors, talking about distance aside..... will anywhere be decent this weekend? I suppose it's a no.
  9. With all this heat and rain, is anywhere going to be decent this weekend? Do tell.
  10. I got up early this morning and have spent all day preparing mine. I hope you can tell.
  11. Originally Posted By: thursday Does that sound good? Probably cuts you out from the list of people able to win!
  12. I bet it's still there. sorry. Great place for a business meeting / ski trip that the company paid for.
  13. I love those big great effects disaster movies, however silly they are. Until there's all the cheering and backslapping and dramatic music at the end when they all pull through. Too much cheese, especially when flags are also involved.
  14. Hey does anyone know what the minimum wage is here? Is it 800 yen an hour? I'd be interested to hear what they are in other countries too. Cheers.
  15. I was told, can't remember when and why and from who, that eating pineapple was a good idea.
  16. That 3-2-1 present has to be one of the smarmiest punchable ones ever. Jim Bowen was the best presenter.
  17. I wonder how that started. I'd like to try it myself, bet it tastes good. Melted mars bar with some warm milk mixed in is good. Smooth mars-y paste. Yum.
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