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  1. Interesting read from the team that develop different parts of the Wii experience http://us.wii.com/story_shop.jsp
  2. Anyone who is raving about Tenjindaira as a resort needs questioning further! Great views and apparently great backcountry, but as a resort it is tiny and not very interesting.
  3. Here's a "review" of a Creme Egg by a Creme Egg Otaku: The Crème Egg and I have had a somewhat difficult relationship over the years. My attitude towards them has varied from year to year. One year I was addicted to them and was bereft when my mum could no longer buy them for me. The next year I did not like them so much. Every Easter I would always get Crème Egg Easter egg but last year the person who did that died before Easter. In fact last year I only had one Crème Egg ad that was in June. I was staying with my sister and it wasn’t even a nice Crème Egg because my sister’s kitchen was
  4. Oh dear. "Purity Balls". Pure balls more like. Quote: His two older daughters, aged 11 and 18, have attended the balls while the youngest, aged 4, must wait a few years. Feel sorry for that 4 year old having to wait for a few years.
  5. Quote: Jan/Feb you will find lots of snow. Perfect fresh snow everywhere. Quote: but february and march rocked So which was it again? So your region didn't have a weak winter then? Was it a good one? Perfect fresh snow everywhere? That sounds good, but the fact is that most of Japan - and most of the most popular regions - did have a weak season, so I think a generalisation is quite acceptable.
  6. Managed 10 now. I think that's it for me due to work getting busy a possible trip overseas.
  7. Quote: Kagura has been very good this year Compared to a normal year for Kagura? While I don't doubt you had a good time, it seems hard to believe it is having a particularly good year. Surely compared to a normal late February it isn't as good. (?)
  8. When are there actually any decent PS3 games going to be released? There seems to be almost no reason to buy the thing now.
  9. Fluffy white present! Can't wait. I'm really up for a day on the snow again.
  10. Heights scare me but I'd like the challenge.
  11. Chinese New Year? I thought it was this coming weekend. But it probably isn't as busy as a Japanese 3 day holiday.
  12. Watching Prison Break at the moment, good stuff. And got the 7th season of West Wing lined up as well. I can't remember the last time I watched any tv (as in broadcast tv).
  13. Going to Gifu to meet some friends and hoping to hit Dynaland on the last day of the holiday hopefully it won't be too bad then in terms of crowds.
  14. No other lifts meant that you could enjoy that difficult snow hiking course that tsondaboy outlined to us the other week hey
  15. Mr Oz is always rather full of himself with his self-promotions, no change there.
  16. I was out yesterday, didn't have lunch and was worn out by 2pm. My legs couldn't continue. Mistake, from now on I think I'll lunch it.
  17. I was just looking over last years reports and it did all come at once almost - not that much in Feb at all. Interesting.
  19. Friend just sent me this, some of it is quite funny: What critis say What they mean =============================== Theatre Genuinely popular Coach parties only The play reaches a shattering climax The rest of it's like watching a tap drip The supporting players shine The leads were planks A commanding performance This actor had a very loud voice A subtle portrayal This actor was practically inaudible Kill for a ticket Because 30 years in prison would be a better use of your time Spare, economical designs Looks like it cost
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