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  1. Christmas party is good, but how about both that AND 22 November? Would you be interested? Belle, haven't seen you for ages.. getting ready for another season of smelly socks and big airs??
  2. Actually, on my first visit to Nozawa last March we received quite the nagging from a liftie - but then again, perhaps our crime had more to do with ducking the ropes right next to the top of the lift (next to the 'skiers only'-slope) then actually riding off-piste?? Go figure.. Could it be that you are allowed to go out of bounds as long as you don't duck the ropes where they can see you directly (see no evil, hear no evil etc.)?
  3. And for those of us not fortunate enough to ride in Hokkaido regularly, would appreciate if somebody told that such places exist in Honshu...
  4. Have never heard the term 'natural' used in this context, to me it's always been 'regular' vs. 'goofy'??
  5. Been to Verbier two years ago. Without a doubt the best riding of my life! Especially when I managed to hook up with a few guys who were there for the whole season to show me around.. Although riding here CAN be good, comparing to Switzerland in terms of terrain makes no sense - two very different things.. But, as going to Swiss Alps is not an option this winter, I'm very much looking forward to the first turns of the season here, along with lots of pow and those nasty patrol guys chasing me for riding the trees!! "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
  6. Nro 1 on my list would be salmiakki. Probably no translation to English? (salty liquorice?) It's Finnish black candy that can look very suspicious.. (had a nice time at Narita once when the guy asked what the 2kg bag is.. Anyone ever tried?
  7. Sorry barok, Nat is allergic to chocolate! My choice would be a difficult one between Niseko and BC/Canada... I'll say Canada. But obviously you're now going to Germany, right Nat?
  8. I believe the skiers' record is something around 240-250km/h. That's pretty good when you consider the normal speed at freefall (flat on stomach) is about 180km/h...
  9. Think one has to comment on this one... Cross-country is one the best forms of exercise there is, beats running/jogging 6-0 - good for your legs, back, arms, shoulders etc. Not to mention the cardiovascular workout + the quiet nature surrounding you. Used to do 400-500km/winter in elementary school, then relatively quiet until few years ago when I started all over again; going for a nice little 25-30km spin, especially on a sunny day is hard to beat -- mind you that there weren't any huge mountains where I used to live.. Those of you that have been riding with me at the slopes know that b
  10. Simon, please don't tell me that from your house/flat/room you have a view to that huge dam where the Mont Fort backcountry tracks end... *sobbing in jealousy* Why are some people blessed with these things!?! Oh well, maybe I can afford something like that when I grow up.. At least we had 50-60cm of fresh snow in Arai last weekend.
  11. Nat, let's see if the North Americans get their butts kicked in (men's) hockey like in Nagano! Might be harder now but still looking forward to the games (like most Finns)...
  12. Going off the original topic here, but... Ocean, they release the spring system between the chair and the ski so they can sit on the quad. I was once on the national disabled ski team's training camp (as an outsider); it was great to see these guys' attitudes towards the sport - on a rainy day they were basically the only ones out on the slopes.. And going 100km/h in that chair (on 1 ski) is something I don't think I'd be ready to try! Those guys definitely get my deepest respect out of all snow-riders.
  13. Thanks NoFakie - and we didn't even get to the illegal ways..
  14. Like I said, I'm new in this country of heavenly powder & invisible ski-patrols - so enlighten me: what are these ways of not paying a full price (besides shimbun-coupons)? (We are naturally assuming that noboby who has anything to do with any resort management reads this thread so you can bring on the best tricks)
  15. Hey hey hey hey chill out Ocean11! No, I haven't done my research - BUT neither was I serious about that (need to label the jokes better) so take a deep breath... Clearly there are local powder hounds as well - we all posting here just happen to be the loudest at the moment... Let's boarding... who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other someday (somewhere off the slopes I presume). Have a good day!
  16. Pardon me for drifting back from the "how to operate a resort for 250,000 Tanaka-sans and a dozen foreign powder hounds" -discussion but I got confused on couple of comments.. (not that I wouldn't be confused often) Quote: Originally posted by IM: There are some resorts that have programs to ride in the ungroomed and/or get to back country stuff Niigata: Arai (In bound powder areas) B] Yo IM - so this is your view on Arai? And another guy on a another thread is saying the following: "Just for your information.... Arai, the patrol people are really annoying
  17. Now that you've made it clear that we're not talking "serious" backcountry here, just good off-piste riding - I'm definitely supporting the cause (especially after last weekend's race with the patrol guy Nat already mentioned.. I probably haven't been in the country long enough to know how well complaining works on these kinds of issues, but I can promise my full support - by riding all accessible terrain where there is at least a glimpse of powder in sight, in every resort I visit, whether it involves rope-/fence-ducking or not, until I get stopped by patrols (at which point I don't hav
  18. And besides the patrol guy, you forgot to mention the wide orange fence across the entry to the slope, the "keep out" signs as well as the lift staff signaling that the slope is a "no-go"... But like you said, the snow was excellent compared to the lower area + the area was covered from the worst wind. And racing that patrol guy probably gave you some extra adrenaline..? You really need to work on your speed.. Admit it, it was worth it and we WILL do it again, right? So no public apologies like this anymore. Let's see what next weekend has to offer - even more excitement? C'ya!
  19. ..not ski - ride the board. -Finland -Norway -Switzerland -Canada
  20. Wow, this one is starting to get steamy... So it's time to turn on the heat! Belle - forget those Titanic scenes in a gondola, I know you haven't forgotten the steamy nights we spent together?! (please don't tell the steam was from my pleasantly odorous socks) So that leads me to wondering what photos do you REALLY have..? But like mogski said, open your minds - that'll take us all surprisingly far.
  21. belle, like Nat said - after witnessing your social abilities I'd be very tempted to say that it's not your fault... Perhaps it all does boil down to the fact that the average "tanaka-san" of yours is just too shy in front of you, a boarding Austrian - oops sorry, Australian gal? Don't give up! Nat, I promise I'll share a lift with you next weekend (at least once..) Who knows, maybe we even manage to start a conversation?
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