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  1. formerly of adelaide, now tokyo... i know about another 15 aussies here, all of whom board save 1. lot of us here, but not all on the forum (they are busier than me!) belle
  2. this year i am really keen to learn a few jumps and gain some confidence in the half pipe. at the moment i sort of skedaddle through it with a fair degree of trepidation. i am a very confident carver on the groomed runs, a bit less so when in powder or trees. i am almost 100% comfy with riding switch so now want to start adding in a few snazzy bits to my day out on the slopes. i'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on how to get started with jumps/turns (i really want to get air!), how to build confidence (i have helmet and wrist guards together with a no-fear attitude!) in the half pipe. i am not so keen on the trick park - e.g. i don't care about rails, table tops etc. anyone out there with advice? thanks belle ps - nat welcome back, you've been very quiet on here of late!
  3. a common feature of canadian resorts is to have "snow hosting", whereby the locals that live round the resort take people out on a 'personalised' tour of the mountain. e.g. take them to good runs, show them nice places for a hot chocolate etc. the hosts don't get paid for it but they do get a season's pass in exchange. the hosts can ride whenever they want provided they take about 3 host sessions a week - usually for an hour and a half each time. the hosts are divided into level of ability and in theory, both skiers and boarders can participate in a host group. resorts like sunshine and whistler have separate boarding and skier hosts which is even better because it is obviously more tailored to the terrain preferences of each group. i know that a few of the aussie-run outfits in hokkaido take you on a guided ride but what about here in honshuu? anyone had any experience of this? i think its a really good way to find your way round a new mountain, and even more so on those days where all your mates decide to ski and you are left on your lonesome. curious belle
  4. yuki's passion - where i come from there is a neat little saying which responds to your question, and that would be "don't fish off the company's wharf". reckon that sums it up belle
  5. Whether he be a skier or a boarder, I rate any person who is able to use the word "ecumenical" in a forum post. Nice one Ocean11. Belle
  6. Ocean11 - nah, its still sitting by my bed reminding me daily how horrible I am... heading to Austria and Canada this season, so will get it tuned somewhere by hook or by crook. Yeah, work like a maddog. Vacations are sweeter because of it, but its a mad life. Thanks for the advice. He's gonna fall, and fall hard, no matter which way you look at it. I just got suckered into being his instructor for a few days and was having a think about what sort of gear he would need. I was wondering about availability of larger boards, but you've sorted that one for me. He might buy early season outside of Japan, but I was hoping he could try a few different sizes out before he did.
  7. Okay, okay I have been away for a while and haven't checked in, but have been back on-line now these last few days and I have noticed a few new features....amongst others.... I am member #204 - intersting fact indeed - why is the SJG member #120 - would it not be #1?! We can now "rate" members.... oh dear - this smacks of those high school popularity contests that we all detested with a passion (well I did anyways). I take comfort in the fact that some dear person (a friend for life now) has voted me a 4**** rating. Mwah (that's a kiss, by the way, whoever you are). I love you! I am equal in popularity with Ocean11, Danz and NoFakie. Woo hoo! I am going to start voting for myself, or is that not allowed? Poor Cheeseman. What evil is this that you have you started, SJG!? More things to amuse my small mind during the day other than just surfing the new posts and day dreaming about riding come December. Yay! Belle
  8. Danz - I was taking the initiative and naming a date as no-one else had! Grungy was suggesting end of Oct/before the season started - so I just figured a week or 2 before the season starts might get people more fired up to actually come along! 2 fridays from now as someone suggested would be the long weekend and I reckon a lot of people, myself included would be away that weekend. That is the 11th to avoid confusion. Belle
  9. From a read of your musings, I would gather you are more inclined to board anyways given your surfing/skateboarding background. Either way, you'll need to start out again. Rent a few times on both and then decide. Perhaps have a play with goofy/natural on the board, and also check out the new generation of carving skis - there have been a few changes since you were last on skis - you might be pleasantly surprised! I have skis/poles/boots dying to get rid of - in very good nick if you decide to go down that path....! Ocean11 - heya - long time....! Got a question for you - I have got a mate starting out boarding and he is 200cms tall/100kg - what sort of board do you reckon I should get him to start on - I was thinking round 175 or so - reckon he would manage it, or longer better? Ciao (just got back from 3 weeks in Italy!) Belle
  10. Hobgoblin in either Akasaka or Nogizaka is good - and it has Coopers Ale for any South Aussies thinking about coming along! (OK, just me then...) Forget Muse bar - too crowded and besides more of a club than a bar - would be easier to go to there afterwards if everyone is fired up. Main thing is that we actually do it!! We forumers talk about this every few months but never seem to do it! Although about 10 of us met up before the start of last season and then we ending up riding together a fair bit during the season - so it is is worth doing. As my mum would say, if its worth doing, let's do it properly! Assuming we decide central Tokyo - need to be a place where enough train lines connect so that people can drop in. Last time we met at the Irish pub in Harajuku - everyone met at the Gap which is an easy enough landmark for all to find. Akasaka is pretty good to - Akasaka or Tameike are two good stations where lots of lines connect. Akasaka has the benefit (?) of being a walk to Roppongi... Grungy has kicked off with the idea - I am happy to run with it, so I throw in Friday 22 November as a date - Saturday 23rd is a public holiday which might help with anybody who might normally have to work the next day. Any thoughts? Belle
  11. i use brastel calling service - fairly inexpensive for kokusai rates. you phone their local tokyo 03 number, input your pin code and then they route you through. not ideal, but have found it so much cheaper than anything else so far. btw, it is also a good service for calls to home from landlines too. only complaint is that connections can be a bit crap from time to time, and remembering all the damn numbers when you have had a few beers and are dying to call your mates back home can be challenging. ET phoning home? would have been simply if he had a keitai.
  12. Akibun - might I suggest this be better suited to the foreign men/Japanese girls pickup classifieds in Metropolis! My, that does sound remarkably bitter and twisted for a Friday afternoon, doesn't it? Better head into the 'Pong tonight and get me a GI!! Not. No snow is simply DOING MY HEAD IN.
  13. Spired - if Whistler is not your favourite, where in the States would you recommend? I am planning a month boarding holiday to Kicking Horse in BC and Mt Washington on VI in Canada, but would also love to board in the US for a week as I have not been there yet. Thinking about Lake Tahoe, but would love to hear other people's suggestions.
  14. Indeed, questions of infirmities present, existing and contigent are always in the back of my mind. At the end of the 2002 season, two new injuries with lifelong permanancy: * a knee joint that plays up when climbing up stairs (unlike Ocean 11, it is invariably worse with alcohol consumption because I have usually fallen on it a few times) * a coccyx bone which hurts after a horrendous butt first stack in the half pipe in Canada - it still hurts to sit down! [i am sure you are pleased at my having shared such intimate information with you all.] But none is as so horrendous as the snapped ankle in a properly fitted and done up ski boot dodging an errant beginner boarder. The sheer agony of taking the boot off is never to be forgotten. My ankle and I have still not forgotten it - no less than 6 years ago. I enjoyed the experience so much that I became a boarder, having largely lost the ability to carve on a rigid right ankle. But Ocean11 and Raury have it right - keeping on exercising makes it all slightly better. I just have to learn that falling butt first on the treadmill is best postponed to when I am back in the snow....only a few short months from now. Belle
  15. Can someone here tell me what the deal is please with NHK? I came home one day last year to find a strange character lurking at my door (my neighbours said afterwards that he had been there a while). Not a burglar, not a homicidial axe wielding maniac but the NHK TV licence guy. Demanding a king's ransom for my teev. I said I didn't have one. He said I did. I said it didn't work. He says they know it does. I said I only use it for the video and don't actually watch any TV at all (by this time my credibility was in negative status). He said, doesn't matter. Everyone has to pay the licence fee if they have a TV. Is this right? I have asked my J friends who have told me that it is legally payable but most people don't pay it. On this basis, I have refused to open my door to them. As a result, I get daily reminders in my letter box demanding payment. I have received a summons through the post. The NHK people now come round 3 times a week at all kinds of hours demanding their yen from me. Grrrr. Is it a possible to say, sorry mate, but your TV is simply CRAP and I do not watch it at all and therefore refuse to pay? How do I get rid of these b**stards from ringing my doorbell at 11pm at night? HELP please - I am going insane... and its not just the heat! I wouldn't mind if they had gnarly snowboarding programmes....! BUT THEY DON'T. Thanks fellow forumers Belle


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