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  1. the black adder

    The most inaka gaijin

    Iiyama isn't very inaka. I have a friend from the US who lives really in Fukushima inaka, very remote area. Small village.
  2. the black adder


    It's confusing for me!
  3. the black adder

    What if Iraq fought back??

    I don't support any of it. Difficult for me to understand it all your posts (I'm Japanese), but interesting.
  4. the black adder

    Snow country

    You can stay in same room also, I hear.
  5. the black adder

    J slang

    Maybe you shouldn't learn bad Japanese slang
  6. the black adder

    Got a keitai?

  7. Not so good of course, but it's like the "last chance to enjoy" feeling - and warm too.
  8. It's one of the famous resort in Niigata prefecture.
  9. the black adder

    Long runs

    If you are a skier, Kusatsu Kokusai will be good for you. Also Suginohara in Myoko.
  10. Try both, then see which you like best.


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