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  1. ski tuning type shops will fit your bindings for you for a few $. so if you can find them somewhere else you shouldn't have to send your skis away i got my markers last year from websportsjp via rakuten,
  2. woah stolen jacket!, where are you skiing? ... id like to avoid the area.
  3. So far this year ive found about 3 gloves, goggles, a beanie, half a ski pole, and a ski boot. Check at the local police station? at least report it for insurance claim Have heard stories from friends where they go up as the snow melts in spring and pick up all the sacrifices. They find avi beacons, phones, mp3 players and even skis.
  4. Weiss is privately operated by NAC. No other cat tours go there. Ive never done it either, but from videos ive seen and stories from people who have it looks like some pretty awesome terrain.
  5. was cool to see you out on wed Mike, pity new goggles were driving me insane! following day (an extra 40cm on top) was one of my best days ever at Niseko, look forward to hearing your report.
  6. yeah i went past again about 5 this arvo, and it hasnt moved, still completely covered in snow.
  7. when i walked past this morning the cat's engine was running. perhaps they had their first customers today. tho i havent been past since to see if its actually moved.
  8. yay the snow is back. but uh oh. must have been quite a bit of snow last night, i cant open my door dont panic if you see a dude jumping out a window with some skis "Snowcats are having difficulties to groom the higher slopes due to too deep snow" lol
  9. my latest skis came from rakuten also more expensive than from us, but when you take into account shipping it was cheaper.
  10. afaik, that's about an average price for cat skiing in niseko tho other companies have less numbers (eg: max 5 instead of 12) and more than one guide & photographer
  11. gimmie a yell if you like. always looking for people to ski with. (im based in hirafu again this year)
  12. after yesterday my raccoon tan is coming along nicely was very busy in the morning with what seemed like every local and tourist out to make the most of the blue sky day. in the more accessible areas the 20cm ish of fresh snow was tracked super quickly into a choppy leg smasher by midday it was almost empty, was rare to see another person on a run. but even at 2pm i was still getting some fresh turns in the more out of the way areas. the snow had started to show a bit of a crunch tho from the sun beating down on it all day. after only 3cm last night, the sun, and tracked out stuff ye
  13. I think half the reason the have to be strict about it is that if one person ducks, everyone else sees their tracks and follows suit and assumes that it is safe - next thing you know, youve gotten someone else killed in addition to the areas mike mentioned, Niseko Hirafu - Super Ridge level 5 - 7 (often instant pass pulled) Ive seen many ski patrollers hanging around on the other side of the ridge, and even hiding in the trees, waiting and pulling passes as people come back in bounds. Seen one or two season passes pulled too. Such a risk for only 4 extra turns, lol. the reason is bec
  14. ive used that Nikwax stuff a couple of times. no real gauge on the effectiveness. but to give you a base line, im only just now thinking about replacing my 4 year (100 days a year) old ski pants, because theyve somehow shrunk while sitting in the cupboard (hehe). i dont know at all, but perhaps the damage has already been done by washing with normal detergents?
  15. I tried on about 10 pair of boots before getting my most recent. the sizes were all over the place, some larger, some smaller, some for skinner feet, some for wider feet. specific brands didnt seem to have any pattern. i think its all about what fits you personally. everyone has different feet. so nobody can give you advice on a make/model or size. like Chriselle said, careful about loose fitting boots. the liners will pack out over time (especially so the first couple of days) making them even looser. so go tight. also, when your feet are warm in the shop theyre actually bigger (cause
  16. saw superheros of stoke today not the greatest msp film, it felt very generic, but maybe just because it was trying to cover the history of msp films and history of extreme skiing. but still worth seeing. had some cool segments still, a pretty cool longer than usual chick segment, and some deep powder shots from Japan. http://vimeo.com/46629807
  17. Hanazono have had one every year for the last couple of years but theres almost no advertising, so who knows when its actually available
  18. Seemed like 15-20cm on top of an icy crunch from yesterday, but found if I was fast and light enough I wouldn't punch through. For a while I had private access to the whole rinkan valley, until they opened the triple. The snow meant my tracks were gone after 2-3 runs and the bad vis this morning seemed to help keep it quiet, but by lunch the runs started to get very tracked out and choppy.
  19. Woah, looks like you're having heaps of troubles with the hidden 'features' Didnt get a chance to try your fatter pair to see if the better float makes a difference? I didnt have much troubles with the sasa last year, but I wasnt cutting into the trees this early either. I've been skiing on 105mm tho. Ive got some skis with 86. Considering the rain damage maybe i should give them a go instead tomorrow.
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