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  1. My phone is always set to OFF and in the locker when I am on the mountain! Docomo does have the best all round coverage.
  2. Sad to hear it. 15 years ago, Kandatsu was a very popular resort and extremely busy place. Great photos though!
  3. I know someone who worked for Kandatsu when Pine Ridge took them over about 6 years (?) ago. They had big plans but it all seemed to end up being as much talk as action and results. There was it seems quite a lot of friction between the staff and the suddenly moved in management who were American/Korean. It was not successful.
  4. Problem with them is so so big, the Smith one I had previously. Maybe they changed since then
  5. Lets hope it will no longer be problem many place by end of the weekend
  6. Great photogaphs. I am ready now and not patiently waiting to get started.
  7. Good! I hope to go there around Christmas time. It is one of my favorite resort area.
  8. Ready. Sadly my managers not so positive about spending effort on english speaker guests but I will take part and post photos here and do what I can.
  9. I am glad to hear about Kandatsu. I have some good memory there it used to be such popular place.
  10. Hello muikabochi, I can't remember when it was first open perhaps 10 years or more?
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