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  1. I'm hearin' ya Ziggy. I think the only way is to go have a look and see what it's like for me. My dream is to be able to get good surf and good snow within a couple hours drive of each other. If I find such a place I'll be sure to make it my next home...
  2. Thanks everyone! I understand alot better now after all that input. Much appreciative! Now I'm all kind of bummed... I was hoping the conditions might be better than what it sounds like from all your input. I HATE ice! Give me powder surfing all day everyday. At least the Taranaki area gets more regular quality waves than here huh? I could probably just go surfing and time the days on the mountain to the post storm hike days. Agian thanks to all.
  3. The first year I came here was the first time I'd ever seen snow in my life so I have no idea what snow conditions are like anywhere else and I'm really considering an extended trip to NZ next year to chase the snow season there. How does the snow in New Zealand compare to here? Do they get similar conditions to Japan? As in, lots and lots of powder? If anyone has been to the Taranaki area I'd love to know if it's any good...simply because that area gets good surf and it's not to far to travel from snow to surf and back. Thanks for your input.
  4. Superfett were fairly good 10 or 15 years ago. Here`s the better solution these days... http://www2.yoursole.com/products/footbeds/
  5. Two sepeate things strapped to my feet always seemed like a bad idea to me. Snowboard, and lots of `em.
  6. I just pidked up a new set of Pirrelle snow tyres on some very nice Alloy rims for 6万ï¼ï¼ï¼ Yahoo auctions rock!
  7. OK thomas, I`m keen to hear more about how that boards been going. Esp. considering that you may have spent some time with hardboots on that board by now.
  8. I`m pretty happy with my 7 days so far...... Scored one good powder day to boot!
  9. Last aeason I was treated to a couple of really nice SBX tracks at Naeba and Hakuba, I really caught the bug for running those type of tracks. Any ideas where I might find any this season?
  10. At Naeba I got Snoop Dogs version of an old ?Marvin Greaves? ... I really want to Love you... but Snoops version was just a little more explicit...... Really made me realize that nobody actually understands any of the lyrics. Thankfully up at Kagura it was all quiet on the western front.... Nothing but the sound of digging trenchs in the snow.... just the way I like it!
  11. Quote: Originally posted by AK 77: Need to find some soon, before my hands get too cold... A tough shell mitt would also be good, over either of my existing gloves.... Any decent Have a look at the flexmetrejapan site. Could be just what your after....... I Have some of those mitts and they rock!
  12. No locks but good eyes and better feet and fists than most............it would be a "PRIDE" fight free of charge to onlookers.
  13. Sorry I`ve not been online for awhile.... Yes I`m a kiter. Water land and snow kiting. I agree it`s weird that there is so many Rad Air reviews at the moment considering that I never see them on the slopes.... Maybe we`re just fanatical!
  14. I`m riding an 03/04 Tanker 200. LOVE the thing. I`m was laughing so hard last year in all that early season powder, flying around in waist deep freshness and watching other people try to follow my lines but getting stopped and having to do the walk of shame. I feel like I`ve got an unfair advantage... It likes to rail good lines on the groomers with Harboots too....... What more could you ask of a board?
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