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  1. Sure I wouldn't be minding the ridicule. As my Mother always says "you can call me whatever you like, as long as you don't call me early in the morning" Thanks for the suggestions. Will look into it when i get a chance. For the minute, heading up to Niseko for the weekend so think I'll throw the swimming goggles in too. You never know, they might be the best thing since sliced bread.
  2. So I have what seems like it could be a stupid question in hindsight but then you never know till you ask and get ridiculed... I ski with contact lens and I find that even with the goggles, my eyes tend to dry out with the wind that gets into the mask and its pretty damn annoying to suddenly get distracted by not being able to see properly. Anyway, during the summer I found the fantastic world of swimming goggles with corrective lens and it recently occurred to me that they might work well for skiing... They seem like they’d keep a lot more of the wind out but my major concern wo
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