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  1. How about longer in lots of places. So little time. But I do enjoy finding new places often.
  2. Now until April always good. Some places take the stock down a bit early though so don't leave it too late.
  3. Docomo seems to have the best coverage but I think you'll find it pretty good at most places that aren't deep inaka.
  4. I don't know Mamabear. It just does! I see it, in fact, is!
  5. I was thinking as much as people operating in the areas as well as guests, but guests too yes.
  6. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Perhaps he means the 'I'm the expert' / 'king of the hill' types. You know the ones. Yes thats what I meant. There are some absolute **** wankers out there. Hakuba has more of them than Niseko which has 'settled down' more.
  7. Foreign owners and their mostly gaijin guests all posturing. I'll give that lot a miss. Always wonder why rooms are often so hot. You'd think they might go the other way saving costs.
  8. Ham and eggs, some fresh salad, toast, coffee, yogurt and orange juice this morning. Oh, and some more toast. I was hungry. I like breakfast at weekends.
  9. Rental quality can really vary greatly. Some cheapo places you're looking at stuff that looks like it belongs in the 80s. Perhaps a slight exaggeration. Don't know about ski wear, never even looked at that. Theres a number of places linked up on the pages here http://www.snowjapan.com/e/niseko-guide/niseko-gear-and-rental.html http://www.snowjapan.com/e/hakuba-guide/hakuba-gear-and-rental.html If you ask your accommodation or service provider as well I'm sure they'll have other local alternatives.
  10. We are doing our thinking and looking... and waiting. One or two of the party aren't sure if they can make it and I've got to admit I'm still in the "saving" mode. It'll be November or so before we can make a comittment.
  11. La Toya says he was murdered for his money. Must have been under the bed I support. He should be mentioned in that "doesn't pay his bills" thread perhaps.
  12. Mine this time was 7500 yen. For 3 weeks. From the local travel company where I bought my train tickets from and I have no idea what insurance company it is. End of report.
  13. Egg and fish? Yuck. Agree that lunchtime is a great time to be out on the mountain rather than queueing for food.
  14. Well if you saw a ropeway it will be different, the ropeway is on the south side of the lake. Probably people either hiked up there ride down from the top?
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