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Good movies you've seen recently

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Perhaps you should stop looking up your own asshole.

I saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.   I would like to kill all chipmunks and all people called Alvin.

I reckon he stole more than a loaf of bread. 100 more like

Bit of a Bond fan myself, not mad keen on Brosnan era but for me the best ones (for different reasons) are



You Only Live Twice


The Spy Who Loved Me


Not really keen on Dr No either.

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I always had a soft spot for Goldfinger. That surely has to be one of the best, it's the first one that really introduces all the "pieces" to Bond.

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Originally Posted By: DiGriz
Goldfinger does have what I think is the single best line in Bond flicks:
``No Mister Bond, I expect you to die.''

What, you think that's better than "You always were a cunning linguist"? wink

The new Bond will be made later this year for release next year. I just hope they inject a bit more humour into it this time. Quantum of Solace just wasn't a bond flick.
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